Spring Quilt Market 2010: Freespirit Part II – Coming Soon

Not sure when these collections are coming out — throughout the summer and maybe a little into fall, I’d guess …

Vicki Payne: Logan Home Dec

Vicki Payne: Logan Laminates

Logan is Vicki Payne‘s followup to For Your Home, her debut collection eponymously named for her PBS show. Logan is a group of classic, simple, bold home dec-weight prints in a lovely, springy palette. Like so many Freespirit collections these days, Logan will include a few prints in their laminated cotton.

Tina Givens: Opal Owl

Tina Givens: Opal Owl

Tina Givens is known for her wild, fantastic, ornate imagery; in her new Opal Owl Givens’ signature look meets the wild nighttime forest. In addition to the usual quilting cottons, Opal Owl will include flannels. See her booth and get more info on this collection on Tina Givens’ blog.

Annette Tatum: Soleil

Annette Tatum: Soleil

Annette Tatum: Soleil

Author and interior designer to the stars Annette Tatum‘s next collection, Soleil, is sweet and versatile. Like Little House, it will include flannels alongside the main quilting cotton collection.

Jill Gordon: Cottage Garden

Jill Gordon: New Beginnings

I don’t know anything about Freespirit’s newest designer, Jill Gordon, but these two collections, Cottage Garden (top) and New Beginnings (bottom), have a lively, bright, Kaffe-Collective-esque color sense.


  1. Kristin says:

    I think Jill Gordon is, in fact, a Kaffe protoge. They worked together on needlepoint projects before this.

  2. Liza says:

    Jill Gordon is Kaffe’s friend but works independently from him. Her original colorways for these fabrics had a soft English aethetic. These colorways were not done by Kaffe but were done in house at Free Spirit.

  3. Erica K says:

    Yes, very Kaffe-esque. I thought maybe they were by Brandon Mably…