Spring Quilt Market 2010: Freespirit Part I – Now Available

I was thrilled to sit down with Freespirit/Westminster for the first time in an official capacity this Market … thanks to Sarah Bailey for taking the time to show me everything! First up, the newest collections that are in shops now (or will be in just a second).

I also got to meet Valori and Jean Wells for the first time, and I must have been starstruck because I had a brain fade and neglected to photograph Valori’s booth and her new collection Nest. I’ll make up for it later, I promise!

David Walker: Boys Will Be Boys

First it was the girly Hopscotch, and this month David Walker‘s new collection, Boys Will Be Boys, will be available in stores. So simple and sweet without being cliché.

Jennifer Paganelli: Poodle and Poodle Laminates

Poodle! Don’t you just love saying it? We didn’t know what inspired the name (Ms. Paganelli, will you tell us?) it’s pure Sis Boom goodness. This collection includes a few laminates (top).

Dena Designs: McKenzie

McKenzie is the latest from TV host/columnist/author Dena Designs.

Erin McMorris: Weekends

I’ve already featured Erin McMorrisWeekends a couple times, so you already know I love it, but I’d be remiss not to show it to you here! And my Market photos reminded me that Weekends includes some laminates as well.

Felicity Miller: Gypsy

Felicity Miller was inspired by her Romany great-great-great grandmother and Romany caravans to create her newest fabric collection, Gypsy. Now that I know that, I’m even more captivated!

Kathy Davis: Journeys

Kathy Davis is a designer with a major presence in the greeting card world. The painterly Journeys is her first fabric collection for Freespirit.

Next up, a few future collections, and Kaffe!


  1. I just love the fun patterns on the fabric.
    I usually work with prim patterns and simple designs, but I think using fabrics like that would be wonderful in charity quilts.


  2. Karen Vaughn says:

    Love the Dena Designs and can’t wait to show off my new diaper bag designed with the Leanika fabric patches and shabby cotton chenille!

  3. Erica K says:

    I NEED some of that poodle. Love the diamonds!