Spring Quilt Market 2010: Cloud9 Fabrics

Cloud9 Ladies-2

Michelle Engel Bencsko and Gina Pantastico of Cloud9 Fabrics were at Market showing off their new collection Beyond the Sea (which folks only got to see on paper last time, if memory serves). They both had the cutest clothes sewn out of their fabrics! We stayed at the same hotel so I got to eat breakfast with them twice — it was awesome to get to know them better.

Cloud9 Beyond the Sea

Since Beyond the Sea has both literal and abstract representations of sea creatures, it’s very versatile, as you can see from the variety of projects on display.

Cloud9 Forest Friends

Their next collection, Forest Friends Flannel, was only on paper, but clearly it’s going to be a great one. I mean, have you ever seen a flannel like this? So mod and graphic, and I bet it’ll be extra super soft and high quality.

If you will allow me to repeat for emphasis what I said in yesterday’s post: I think Cloud9 and the other small organic manufacturers are the future of fabric, and I’m thrilled. We all want fabrics to be 100% organic — or at least don’t mind if they are — and if the prints are outside of the norm and resonate with tastes that aren’t normally represented in the market at large, the relatively higher cost will be an afterthought.

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  1. Thanks for featuring us! So delightful that we had the chance to connect over brekkie. See you again in Houston!