Spring Quilt Market 2010: Art Gallery Fabrics


Hello, it’s Pat Bravo and I at Quilt Market, just hanging in her booth, pretending to drink tea and not pretending to eat fun-size chocolate bars. We’ve already gotten a glimpse at two thirds of Art Gallery Fabrics’ Fall 2010 collections here, and voilà, here is the third collection, Dreaming in French. I just love that name — far better than the title “Avant” I mistakenly attached to it before!

Dreaming in French - St. Honore Palette

Dreaming in French - St. Germain Palette

These photos did not turn out well — sorry! You can get a better view of the prints on the Art Gallery Fabrics website. Loving those colors, the Art Nouveau, those florals!

These blender collections, Oval Elements and Nature Elements, coordinate with all the Art Gallery Fabrics collections.

Oval Elements

Nature Elements

And below, some inspirational projects using Paradise, which will be in shops this August. The Sunrise palette was on the left, and the Sunset palette was on the right (of course!).

Art Gallery Fabrics Booth - Paradise Sunrise Palette Projects

Art Gallery Fabrics Booth - Paradise Sunrise Palette Projects

Applique Pillow with Paradise Fabrics

Gorgeous appliqué work!

Art Gallery Fabrics Booth - Paradise Projects

Ooh … hello pretty dress! No pattern for you yet, but maybe someday? The little girls’ dresses, by the way, DO have patterns — they are by Olabelhe.

Art Gallery Fabrics Paradise Dress

Applique Flower Pillow - Paradise in Sunset Palette

Pat’s attention to detail in her projects (and everything related to Art Gallery Fabrics – her website, the promotional materials, the patterns and kits) impresses me to no end.

Chic Throw

This is one of their new patterns — the Chic Throw (very Anthropologie, don’t you think?) — part of the Mini Pattern series featuring easier and faster projects than those in the main collections.

Below is the Paris Bag, which can be had as a standalone pattern or a full kit. And by full I mean everything — the notions, the hardware, the fabric.

Paris Bag

Paris Bag Kit

Looking forward to this Fall, for sure! Which is your favorite — Paradise? Modern Affair? Dreaming in French? Be sure to see Pat’s own Quilt Market posts (I, II) for plenty more inspirational photos and information.


  1. Annie says:

    I love the kit with everything, I see even the thread peeking out. So glad you are back!

  2. Dawn Hansen says:

    Hello, those “pretty dresses” you show in this post do have patterns and they are my patterns. My name is Dawn Hansen and I am the designer behind “Olabelhe”. The people at Art Gallery Fabrics discovered my website and contacted me and asked me to sew up a bunch of samples for Quilt Market to showcase their fabrics and my designs. You can visit my website to see all of my patterns and also all of the dresses that i showcased at the Quilt Market.


    here is a link to a slide show of all the “Art Gallery Dresses” http://www.olabelhe.com/shop/Gallery.html

  3. Dawn says:

    wow..love the combination colors. and the Oval Elements and Nature Elements,it so gorgeous.awesome collection you have Pat.will pretty sure to put some in the blog.looking forward to it :) .

  4. Doris says:

    I love Dreaming in French, her display was just delicious, wasn’t it?!