Spring Quilt Market 2010: Andover


I started this Quilt Market out at Lizzy House’s rocking, standing-room-only schoolhouse presentation, and ended it at the Andover booth for some quickie shots of their upcoming collections from our favorite designers. Lizzie is an AMAZING public speaker, people! She shared the results of this survey and had people laughing and sometimes even gasping at her candor. It was awesome. She gives her own recap here.

Lizzie also explained the story behind her now-available-in-stores Castle Peeps, showed off some quilts, and previewed some embroidery patterns that she hinted at in that post you just clicked on up there. She described the king as a pushover, kind of a benevolent dictator, and explained that the queen is the real boss. She doesn’t know, though, that the peasant is only faking his subservience and is really making fun of the monarchs.



Castle Peeps Pink



At the Andover booth, I also saw Cosmo Cricket‘s Fall 2010 collection — not sure of the name:

Cosmo Cricket Fall 2010

Cosmo Cricket Fall 2010

And finally, Three Little Pigs by feedsack archivist/historian Gloria Leonard Hall, with whom I was so smitten after her schoolhouse in fall. I love the logo sack/pig panel.

Three Little Pigs by Gloria Leonard Hall

Three Little Pigs by Gloria Leonard Hall

Three Little Pigs by Gloria Leonard Hall

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  1. Kristin says:

    Cosmo Cricket group is called Tailor Made–Ironically, I was just checking on the ship date today.