Spring Quilt Market 2010: Alexander Henry – Retro Christmas


Yay, a Christmas version of Alexander Henry’s popular 2-D Zoo print! Here are more of AH’s retro Christmas fabrics. Christmas fabrics tend to hit the shops in summer; let’s hope these are among them!

Again, sorry for the looming shadows on these pictures! My Photoshop-fu only goes so far.






  1. Ann Wong says:

    My daughter would LOVE this – she is very into the 50′s.

  2. Madame Samm says:

    Oh my, now I thought I left a message…but “thought” I must have lol…This retro Christmas has my name on it, all over it…lol…I love this…now is this Alexanders.. and when will this be out, or is out now?
    Appreciation for the link to the Canadian online shop..I already purchased some fabric…Pink Panda…great find…..added you to my blog lists….
    blessings ms

  3. Vanessa B says:

    Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 50′s – 60′s Christmas fabric!!! Do you know when it will be available?
    Dreaming of a retro Christmas…..