Spring Quilt Market 2010: Alexander Henry – Cotton Lawn Collection



Alexander Henry has always produced the most apparel-friendly prints in the business, so one of my questions for them was going to be “are you ever going to introduce some retail apparel fabrics?” But before I could open my mouth, Nicole laid out before me their brand new cotton lawn collection. People, this stuff is amazing. Equal to or surpassing the quality of Liberty. I’m beyond thrilled. These fabrics are already printed, so they will be arriving in shops soon.

Prints include some of their bestsellers (like Mocca) in new colorways, selections from the Alexander Henry archives (the butterflies and peacock feathers are AH originals from the 80s, and the colors you see here are their original 80s colorways, though they’ll come in several other colorways too), and some brand new prints. Commence drooling …











  1. Courtney says:

    drooling commenced! but is it just me, or are those peacock feathers almost an exact replica of the print Liberty of London used for their Target line? not that I’m complaining about having a cheaper(?) opportunity at a Libertyesque Lawn fabric…..
    speaking of, what are we expecting price-point wise for this line?

  2. Leslie says:

    Thanks for all the photos! I really can’t wait for these fabrics to come out. Beautiful!

  3. Kate says:

    Thanks for the Spring Market run down – can’t wait to get some of this lawn!

  4. Kim says:

    Courtney — I recognized the similarities too! The peacock feathers were designed by AH in the 1980s, and the Liberty print is a classic but I’m not sure how long it’s been sold. So coincidence, knockoff, tribute, and who was first, I don’t know. But there are a lot of differences too.

    Also, not sure about the MSRP, but we’ll find out soon enough!

  5. Wowza. I will definitely be buying some of these.

  6. melissa f. says:

    i am freaking out.

  7. Kat says:

    Mmmmm. I just bought a bunch of delicious cotton voile at the Stitch Lab, and can’t wait to get my hands on some of this lawn, too. Perfect weight for dresses and skirts in our (HOT) part of the world…

  8. devon says:

    Holy moly, AH is just incredible – love them!! The voile release is perfectly timed and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Can’t believe we’ll get to have Mocca in voile. Thanks for the great post & all market reports – it’s really like we were there :o )