Fall Quilt Market 2010 – Windham – Paige Stanley Miller


I only got to pop my head in briefly at Windham this time, but I just had to go to see Paige Stanley Miller‘s Bon Vivant after seeing her sporting the cape above the day before (why no picture, why, WHY!?). Parisian and French themes were an unexpected trend this market, and Mademoiselle Paige’s interpretation is my hands-down favorite.




UPDATE! Fellow Austinite ginapina got the shot! Thanks for sharing, Miss Gina!

Another cool collection (apart from Mme. Bari J.’s, which we’ll see in the next post) was Butterfly Swirl by Jackie Shapiro. I only snapped this one picture, but see the full collection here.


Bon Vivant is available in stores now. I can’t find Butterfly Swirl anywhere at the moment, but it’s not listed as a future collection on the Windham site so I assume it’s coming soon.


  1. Ann says:

    My fav: Tula Pink’s Parisville.

  2. Paige says:

    Hey Kim,

    It was GREAT to see you at market and MERCI BEACOUP for this post!!