Fall Quilt Market 2010 – FreeSpirit – Misc.

Bunches more just-released and coming-soon FreeSpirit collections for your ogling pleasure …

Freespirit - Mark Cesarik - Calypso Swing

Mark Cesarik (a new designer on the FreeSpirit roster): Calypso Swing

Freespirit - Terrie Mangat - The Bee's Knees

Terrie Mangat – The Bee’s Knees

Freespirit - Dena Designs - Tea Garden

Freespirit - Dena Designs - Tea Garden

Dena Designs – Tea Garden

Freespirit - Dena Designs - Kumari Garden

Dena Designs – Kumari Garden

Freespirit - Kathy Davis - Blossoming

Kathy Davis – Blossoming

Freespirit - Annette Tatum - Mod

Annette Tatum – Mod

Freespirit - Rosanna Bowles - Darjeeling

Rosanna Bowles (also a new designer) – Darjeeling

Freespirit - David Walker - Baby Talk & Tea Party

David Walker – Baby Talk. He also has another collection coming up called Tea Party.

Freespirit - Dan Bennett - Wild Garden

Dan Bennett – Wild Garden. Bennett is under the Westminster/Rowan umbrella.

Alfred Shaheen - Hawaiian Collection

Freespirit - Alfred Shaheen - Asan Collection

Alfred Shaheen – Hawaiian Collection (top) and Asian Collection (bottom). Shaheen was “the most creative and prolific Hawaiian manufacturer in the heyday of post-WWII fashion.” He built his own textile printing and garment manufacturing facility and popularized the iconic Hawaiian shirt and other “aloha wear.”

Freespirit - George Mendoza - Flower Garden

George Mendoza – Flower Garden. Mendoza is a blind artist/speaker/author; FreeSpirit is bringing his work to fabric for the first time.

Freespirit - Valori Wells - Bliss Flannel & Fleece

Freespirit - Valori Wells - Bliss Flannel & Fleece

Valori Wells – Bliss Flannel and Fleece

… even more in the Flickr set!

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  1. Cara says:

    Thanks for featuring Calypso Swing! We really appreciate it!