Fall Quilt Market 2010 – Freespirit – Denyse Schmidt

Freespirit - Denyse Schmidt - Greenfield Hill

I’m even more excited for Denyse Schmidt‘s new collection, Greenfield Hill, now that I’ve seen it up close. Her geometric prints are always so perfectly simple and versatile and sweet. And the 3-Dness of the big floral print (the topmost print in the bottom photo) is really gorgeous. Above are the voiles, which you can see are so light and airy that they are starting to fly away.

The fabrics should be in stores any time now — in the meanwhile see a few inspiration photos and download her free All the Trimmings stocking pattern.

Finally, in case you missed it, I just wanted to point out Fat Quarterly’s live chat transcript with Denyse, which took place at Quilt Market.

Freespirit - Denyse Schmidt - Greenfield Hill

Freespirit - Denyse Schmidt - Greenfield Hill


  1. melissa f. says:

    i realize i’m a supreme dork, but this is what i’ve been waiting weeks to see. the voiles look great. i kind of wish they came in that crazy floral, but whatever! i’m happy.