Japanese Fabric of the Week: Nemophila

At first I read the title of this fabric as “nemophilia” and wondered what on earth that meant. Enthusiasm for nemos? Anyway. It’s nemophila, a flower that I’d somehow never heard of till now. And I think what is called nemophila in this print are actually some sort of citrus fruit, but if you want to take the floral interpretation, I’m down with that.

Anyway, this print is not only a great vintage repro, but it’s organic and it’s on sale at FabHub.

One Comment

  1. kristen says:

    well, this is exciting! years ago I purchased vintage curtains made from this original fabric. I’ve been using each individual fruit and butterfly as applique pieces because I wanted to make it last as looooong as possible. woohoo, now I can just buy it new!