Japanese Fabric of the Week: Ayumi’s Favorites

Though Japanese fabrics are now widely available in the U.S. and many other countries, there are still plenty of Japanese fabrics and textiles that rarely-to-never exported outside Japan. Last week I featured the Japanese shop Cotton Crayon, which is full of retro prints I’d never seen elsewhere. I found the link through Ayumi’s great blog Pink Penguin. Afterwards Ayumi and I struck up an email conversation — it turns out she does live in the U.S. but her mom lives in Japan and sends the fabrics to her. Hint: she sometimes offers these “imports” through her Etsy shop!

Ayumi sent a list with more of her favorite Japanese online fabric shops for me to send with you. Maybe you’re in Japan and some of these will be new to you. If you’re not in Japan, unfortunately these guys don’t ship internationally, but I figure where there’s a will there’s a way. If you don’t have a hookup in Japan, you might try a Japanese shopping service. The ones I knew of seem to have fizzled, so if you have a service to recommend, please let us know in the comments.

I’ve included the Google Translate links into English — the machine translation is pretty lousy but in most cases it at least allows you to have a general idea of what you’re clicking on.


Cotton Garden (Google Translate link): Specializes in retro and reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era to the 1960s, and U.S. character fabrics. They even have a small selection of vintage fabrics. Above: set of Chuck du Japon” fabrics.


Cotton Tail (Google Translate link)


Country Mate (Google Translate link): Lots of U.S. fabrics but also several hard-to-find Japanese prints from Yuwa, Lecien, and others.


Sweet Fabric (Google Translate link) — Seems to specialize in Yuwa fabrics, which can be difficult to find in the U.S. This embroidered hemp linen is gorgeous!


Snappy Life (Google Translate link) — Hand-screenprinted goods, including fabric (unusual basecloths too, like sweatshirt fleece, knit, and waffle weave).


Cotton Plaza (Google Translate link) — Huge selection, lots of apparel fabrics, and wacky prints. I also spotted Miffy!


Hanmoyo (Google Translate link) — no fabrics, but the most amazing tengui (towels), scarves, furoshiki (wrapping cloths), and handkerchiefs you will ever see.

Thank you SO much, Ayumi! What a morning I’ve had clicking around and discovering all these new fabrics!

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  1. ayumills says:

    Wow! Thank you Kim for featuring my favorite shops!
    You do such a great job organizing and picking the best
    part of each shop! Amazing! Thanks :)