Japanese Fabric of the Week

This is a “Hogushi-Kasuri” linen fabric new to the wonderful shop Lin-net, who carries a wide range of linen fabrics and even some original cotton prints. Kasuri (or Gasuri) is a type of ikat weaving (or Kasuri is the Japanese word for ikat, I’m not sure). In Hogushi-Kasuri, the warp yarns are put on the loom and the pictures are printed onto them with woodblocks, then the yarn is taken up and re-set, resulting in the uneven, textured look of the motifs. I love use of the modern-yet-timeless design with this ancient technique. See more Hogushi-Kasuri linen here.

One Comment

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ridiculously beautiful.
    Love their products, and those of Fog Linen Works, too.