Japanese Fabric of the Week: Hello My Friend

These awesome outer space and city-themed prints by Push Pin for Kokka come with an unintentionally depressing message. Spotted at This and That From Japan and+Matatabi on Etsy, and at Superbuzzy. Push Pin is also behind the Eau de Mer collection, the popular faux Lego print (also with the Hello My Friend characters), November Books, and more.

P.S. It has come to my attention that Kokka typically only prints 1-2 colorways of each print; for instance the top print comes in that bright multicolored version and a monotone blue. Any others are knockoffs, so beware!


  1. melissa wood says:

    hA! I started laughing when I read that line on the fabric too! I laughed EVEN MORE when you wrote the words “unintentionally depressing message.” hA!!

    Those are sure darling, aren’t they! Great finds!

  2. ulla seckler says:

    Ha, knockoffs! I just learned about those. I bought some fabric on Etsy and it was a total ripoff! The seller operates out of Taiwan. Basically I got a copy of two Kokka patterns on rough sackcloth-like material. No name on the material. What is one to do about it?