Sponsor Giveaway: PatBravo.com / Art Gallery Fabrics

If you have ever met Patricia Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics (even if it was just through our interview last year), you know that she is an absolute dynamo. She not only designs several fabric collections a year, but masterminds the many patterns and kits her company produces. There needed to be a central place where all these facets of Bravo’s creative work could come together, so she recently launched PatBravo.com. There you can get inspiration for using Bravo’s fabric collections in home decor, quilts, clothing, handbags, and more. The Color Your World section juxtaposes beautiful photography with fabric designs, providing a glimpse into Bravo’s creative inspiration. Ready to sew? There are four free patterns for pillows and 17 for quilts, and a listing of where you can buy her fabrics and retail kits and patterns.

To celebrate the launch, Patbravo.com is giving away a truly spectacular array of prizes to seven True Up readers! Here’s what up for grabs:

Prize #1: A tote bag made with Filigree fabric + one 12 fat quarter bundle

Prizes #2, 3, & 4: one 12 half-yard bundle (each)

Prizes #5, 6, & 7: One assorted scrap bag + 1 toy box pattern (each)

To enter, go have a look around Patbravo.com, then come back here and tell us in the comments about the favorite project or projects you spotted. Comments will close and the winners will be chosen next Wednesday, August 5, 2010, around 3pm CDT. Good luck and happy clicking!


  1. meg99 says:

    I love Verona kit.The shape is so cute!

  2. Briana says:

    I like the chain pillow! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  3. Linda says:

    My favorites are the Posh Flowers Quilt, the Nouvelle Quilt, the Verona Bag, and the Naturella fabric collection. Many great ideas on the Inspiration tab at her website.

  4. Mitzi says:

    I’m really digging the Sentiments quilt. Definitely bookmarked this site!

  5. Michelle H says:

    I love the Everyday Clutches. They are so cute with their little rosette details! They are definitely going in my “to make” pile.

  6. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    I like the “Weaving Memories” quilt

  7. Britt Burton says:

    My favorite was the cute children’s dress on her clothing page. My little girl needs a dress just like that!!

  8. Lisa P. says:

    I like the flirty pillows. Nice site.

  9. Jenny G. says:

    I like the Weaving Memories quilt pattern, as well as the Color Your World feature- very fun!

  10. Meghan says:

    I love the clutches!

  11. Kimberj says:

    I just love the Paris bag!

  12. Valentina says:

    Her work is *AWESOME*. My favorite is the Playmat kit! LOVE it :)

  13. Leigh says:

    Thank-you for the great resource! The quilt patterns are beautiful and the Prizimatic looks like one I could tackle. I also love using scraps to make paper pieced blocks. Thank-you for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabric!

  14. Darlene Staley says:

    I like the Post Flowers Quilt and the flirty pillows! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win!

  15. Elizabeth G says:

    I love the Weaving Memories quilt pattern. Thank you!

  16. Vikki says:

    I love the Flirty Pillows, will definitely have to make some of them soon.

  17. The posh flowers quilt pattern looks fun to me, as well as the clutches. My favorite thing about her site, though, is the color inspiration section, with photos and her designs side by side, categorized by color. So inspiring!

  18. Judith says:

    What a fantastic site. Thankyou for introducing it to me. I really enjoyed the Colour pages.

  19. Suzanne says:

    I love bags…so her clutch patterns are so wonderful. But I have a lot of Pat Bravo fabrics worked into my quilts too. But I had never seent he Color Your WOrld pages before. That was truly inspirational.

  20. Betty says:

    I checked out the PatBravo website – wow!
    Loved the inspiration/color pages.

  21. I love the Firenze bag! Such a great website.

  22. vadjutka says:

    I am truly inspired by this grat site – I even bookmarked it and put it in my “inspiration” folder.

    I love everything about it, but my favourite page is the “Design your world” page. This is very unique to give ideas what could I do with fabrics I can buy in this shop.

  23. Amber says:

    The Milano bag is my favorite! But there are so many cool things on that site.

  24. Esther says:

    Adoro los proyectos de Pat!
    Es un sitio muy inspirador…

  25. Katrin says:

    I like the Paris Bag best. But the Design your world section is really nice. Full of inspiration for my new home…

  26. Tracy says:

    I love the Verona bag! Right up my alley.

  27. isa says:

    What an awesome website, gorgeous.
    I really liked the inspiration pages, both the color your world, and design your world.It’s definetly a website I’ll spend some time at.
    I’ll also take a closer look at the quilt projects, especially the posh flowers pattern.
    Thank you for this great give away :-)

  28. Nancy says:

    Oh gosh! I love her Cotton Candy quilt- such a fun design that I just might have to try. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  29. Gwen Morgan says:

    I loved the little clutch purses! They could go soooooo far. Pat’s video was just wonderful too.

  30. Rebecca says:

    the chain pillows are adorable!!!!!! I also love the clutches. so cute!

  31. Sarah B. says:

    She has such a beautiful website! I like the flirty pillows, but don’t know if I can convince my husband that they belong in our home. I think I could sell him on the Organic Obsession quilt, though… love the angles. Thanks for the new project/pattern resource.

  32. Barb Colvin says:

    Lots of great inspiration can be found at Pat Bravo’s site! I really like the look of the Verona Bag; it’s the perfect size and has a firm structure. There are a lot of options in the free projects, too. I especially like the look of Renew Me and Sentiments II.

  33. Mary Freeman says:

    I like all of the pillow designs. They are great!

  34. Catherine says:

    I love the Organic Obsessions quilt design, but it looks a bit beyond my skills. Dream of a Garden is a lovely one I think I could do. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Jessica Blomquist says:

    I really like all of the bags. Her designs are so beautiful and I am very impressed with ow her inspirations can be seen in her designs. Just beautiful.

  36. Steph says:

    The Paris Bag pattern. I must have it. I MUST.

  37. Jenny says:

    must get over fear of circles…Posh Flowers looks like a fabulous project!

  38. Kaye Prince says:

    I absolutely adore the free Candy Girl quilt pattern that Pat has on the site – it’s awesome and I could see it working with a diverse array of fabrics.

  39. Donna says:

    I like the everyday clutches…super cute!!

  40. Gayle Allen-Grier says:

    Love the Pat Bravo fabrics. They are totally new to me but I can see them in my future! My favorite project was the Renew Me quilt.

  41. Angel says:

    Pillows are always a nice, easy project. What I REALLY love about her site is the inspiration by color section. Wow, so well put together and gorgeous!

  42. Sarah says:

    That baby play mat with the cute soft shapes is my fav. I have a little cousin who might need one of those.

  43. Jill says:

    I love the Paris Bag! The chain pillow is really cute too, I’d like to make that one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Vicki says:

    I like the Everyday Clutches!

  45. Brianna says:

    I love that the kits come with everything needed. Living in a small town it is hard to find beautiful fabrics such as these. My favorite is the Essential Tote.

  46. saralynn says:

    the photography of her quilts is amazing like how she poses them and souch and i adore that pink quilt of hers amazing

  47. Maria says:

    Oh, the choice!! My vote goes to the cotton candy quilt – how scrummy and girly. Love the essential tote too!!

  48. Vicky says:

    Wow, great website. I didn’t realise she had so many free quilt patterns. So much inspiration. I think I may have to give the Everyday Clutches a go.

  49. Dot says:

    As I am always into Patricia’s fabrics it is hard to make a choice as to project but would say her newest purse patterns as I am currently focused on making purses.Thank you for the chance to win one of these great giveaways.

  50. Donna says:

    What stylish bags for your giveaway! I guess I’m in to bags today, as on the website, I love the Milano and Verona kits–I’m planning to make a bag for my daughter (when I get a chance). Such great styles it would be hard to choose which one to make!