Sponsor Giveaway: PatBravo.com / Art Gallery Fabrics

If you have ever met Patricia Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics (even if it was just through our interview last year), you know that she is an absolute dynamo. She not only designs several fabric collections a year, but masterminds the many patterns and kits her company produces. There needed to be a central place where all these facets of Bravo’s creative work could come together, so she recently launched PatBravo.com. There you can get inspiration for using Bravo’s fabric collections in home decor, quilts, clothing, handbags, and more. The Color Your World section juxtaposes beautiful photography with fabric designs, providing a glimpse into Bravo’s creative inspiration. Ready to sew? There are four free patterns for pillows and 17 for quilts, and a listing of where you can buy her fabrics and retail kits and patterns.

To celebrate the launch, Patbravo.com is giving away a truly spectacular array of prizes to seven True Up readers! Here’s what up for grabs:

Prize #1: A tote bag made with Filigree fabric + one 12 fat quarter bundle

Prizes #2, 3, & 4: one 12 half-yard bundle (each)

Prizes #5, 6, & 7: One assorted scrap bag + 1 toy box pattern (each)

To enter, go have a look around Patbravo.com, then come back here and tell us in the comments about the favorite project or projects you spotted. Comments will close and the winners will be chosen next Wednesday, August 5, 2010, around 3pm CDT. Good luck and happy clicking!


  1. Liz Grierson says:

    I love the daisy pillow in “free projects” and also the Decor Your Walls under “Spellbound” in the Inspiration section. Wow!

  2. kara mae says:

    I think my favorite kit is the “essential”.. because I never have quite enough of those to carry my other projects around!

  3. Naturella is my favorite fabrix line of hers but I LOVE the flirty pillow free project. It’s exactly what I was thinking of for my next project!

  4. EricaB says:

    I love the chain pillow, it’s adorable!

  5. carly says:

    Lovin’ the “Flirty Pillows” in the free projects section. I just (finally) got a new couch and CAN’T WAIT to adorn it with tons of funky pillows just like those.

  6. Emily says:

    I love the Prismatic quilt!

  7. Jennifer says:

    The cotton candy quilt is so pretty. That’s a quilt I would love to make!

  8. Caroline says:

    I love reupholstered chairs! I would love to reupholster with some of her fabric! Great inspiration!

  9. Jessica tsd says:

    I realy love the flirty pillows project in the sewing projects and the jewels in blue project in the Quilting projects. The colours of PatBravo fabrics are just my style. Great !


  10. Marcia says:

    I love the Naturella fabric line, so my vote goes to Organic Obsession!

  11. Nancy Lee says:

    WOW…I love that site. I need to bookmark and go back and look some more. Her free sewing and quilting patterns are so great.. Love Monaco…

  12. Lori says:

    There are too many cute ideas, patterns, and fabrics to choose from! I think the Verona bag might be my favorite though :)

  13. Beth says:

    I love the Enchanting Quilt — and their fabric lines are GORGEOUS!

  14. elena says:

    I love the “Flyrty pillows” on free projects section. You can be sure I will make my own pillow they look fun :)

  15. Alisa says:

    I love the GRAB ‘n Sew KITS. It’s such a good idea to just have everything you need at your fingertips to finish the project. The whole site is really neat. I plan on bookmarking it for future use. :)

  16. Sally O says:

    I love her fabrics and follow her blog. The pillow patterns are just gorgeous.

  17. Monica says:

    Her bags are fantastic. The Paris bag looks like exactly the bag pattern that I have been looking for.

  18. Casey H. says:

    Oh! I love the travel kit – so many little bags for everything. I would feel so organized!

  19. The Knitted Lamb says:

    The Flirty pillow looks fun and I love the Grab ‘n Sew kits too – Maui in particular. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Holly says:

    I love the rosettes on the Firenze bag. Great colors in her fabrics!

  21. Erica Ferguson says:

    I absolutely love the Posh Flowers Quilt.

  22. Steffanie says:

    I order a sample of one of the Spellbound fabrics and it just came in the mail last night. I have been obsessed since! On the site there was a reupholstered Louis IV chair. I would love to find that type of chair and reupholster it with one of the Spellbound fabrics.

  23. natalie says:

    i love all the pillows – and i love making them bc they are quick and easy and fun! what a great giveaway.

  24. sy says:

    i love the playmat kit, it looks so cute. does the baby come with it too >.<

  25. Kristy says:

    I’m a sucker for quilts, but I can’t decide between the Cotton Candy, Oganic Obsession or Jewels In Blue

  26. oh. my. god. I JUST bought the fabric that tote is made of! I’m in the process of making a dress (though the colours are a little different) out of it.

    it’s hard to choose a favourite, but i think i have to go with the travel set–how convienent! If i ever get my hands on that, i’ll make them as presents for friends going off to travel… and my grandmother, who goes through those things like WILDFIRE.

    thanks so much for offering this!

  27. Katie B says:

    Awesome giveaway! I love the Cotton Candy Quilt.

  28. Jane says:

    so many great things on the site! I’m a total sucker for bags, so have actually started thinking about what fabric I currently have on had to start on some everyday clutches. Those are going to be great gifts!

  29. Margaret says:

    What a great giveaway! And a great site too! I just love the essential tote. It really does look essential to me.

  30. katie says:

    what a beautiful website! I love the handbags, especially the milano! gorgeous fabrics, too!

  31. Cherie says:

    Wow, I love the Girly Girl line and the Natural line looks like it will coordinate with, well, everything!

  32. Natalie says:

    The playmat looks like fun!, and I like the milano bag. Everything is so fresh. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Angela says:

    I love the cotton candy quilt and the Paris Bag pattern!

  34. DianeY says:

    Wow-everything was beautiful, but I was really drawn to both the Cotton Candy & the Posh Flowers quilts. What a great giveaway she is sponsoring! I’d love to win something!

  35. Verity says:

    Love the site and am in love with every single one of those fabrics. The clutch purse projects are great – especially the curvy one with the gathered bottom – not so everyday, if you ask me!

  36. Kat says:

    That chain pillow is so unique! And those lines are so lovely.

  37. Jen says:

    Oh wow – what a great giveaway! Love the bag patterns, the Verona bag especially.

  38. Emily says:

    I absolutely adore the Firenze and Travel Set patterns and want all of the modern flair and Sugar…they are all so fun! There are so many fun and fabulous things!

  39. i love the kits! takes much of the frustration out of sewing if you know you have everything before you start…

  40. Karen McMahon says:

    I love the kits. My favorite is the Milano bag. It’s great that she has packaged everything you need to make the bag, even the zipper and the clasp!

  41. Tara says:

    I LOVE the flirty pillows! So cute!!!

  42. Pattie Crum says:

    Her fabrics are so beautiful. Can’t wait to check out her site.

  43. Nina Tovish says:

    I am mesmerized by the Alhambra Reflections quilt pattern. I’d love to have some of Pat’s beautiful fabrics to use in a quilting project!

  44. Ritz Young says:

    I’m in awe with all of the Grab ‘n Sew Kits. For a novice sewer who doesn’t have a lot of fabric stash, they are perfect! Everything you need is in the bag :) I’m also excited about the thread line. I have a ton of thread colors, but it always seems as if I don’t have a color to match the fabric that I’m working with…this is the perfect solution! Thanks Pat! Bravo to you :)

  45. Lindsay says:

    I really like the Verona Bag. I enjoy the way the different fabrics are showcased. What a wonderful artists to be introduced to and what a wonderful give away.


  46. I love the chic quilt! So unique and has lots of texture.

  47. Jessica Dalton says:

    my favorite was the cotton candy quilt! it should be renamed cotton “EYE” candy. :) ))

  48. shannon says:

    i love patricia bravo’s prints! i love the colors that she uses! i fell in love with her spellbound collection earlier this year. i really like purple and have a hard time finding nice prints in that color palette. the prints and her colors are amaaaaazing. that was a great interview with her! :)

    so happy that she started her website! :) i was bummed that when i went to click on “purple” in the “color your world” section and it was the only color that didn’t work! :( the chain pillow is cute, i like the simplicity of the essential tote and i’m curious about the technique used to sew the nouvelle quilt. by far though, i loooooove the clothes. although there are no patterns, i love the blouses and the coat. hopefully she’ll be coming out with some clothes patterns! :) oh…i also loooooved the thread! i did not know she had those!

    fantastic giveaway! i would looooooove to win one of these! i just adore patricia’s fabric! :) thanks so much for the opportunity!!!! :) those scrap bags look amaaazing! :)

  49. Katarina Johansson says:

    Those are some beautiful textiles! :) I like the flirty pillows and the Posh flowers quilt. I have never quilted before, but think I probably could manage to make one like that! And with Pat’s textiles it would look great! :D

  50. chole says:

    I really like the essential tote, so cute and very practical. Definately something I could use everyday!