Sponsor Giveaway – Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms Designer Sampler Packs From Quilthome.com

We interrupt this quilt market coverage to bring you another great giveaway. True Up sponsor Quilthome.com stands out from the crowd not only for their spectacular customer service, but also for “carrying deep” — they strive to carry contemporary designer collections in their entirety, and to keep carrying older collections as long as possible. For example, their Amy Butler stock goes clear back to Belle and Charm! And they are one of the first to have her new India-inspired Soul Blossoms in stock and ready to ship.

Over the next three days, Quilthome.com is offering six of their exclusive “designer sampler packs” of Soul Blossoms fabrics to True Up readers  – these packs have 1/8 yard cuts (4.5 inch cuts x the whole width of the cloth) of an entire colorway. Today, leave a comment for your chance to win one of two packs in the Joy colorway, shown above. As a bonus, have a look at Quilthome’s Soul Blossoms page, and include your favorite print from the collection in your comment. If you’re chosen as the winner, you’ll also receive an additional 1/2 yard of that print!

Unlike my usual giveaways, this one will close tomorrow, Wednesday 11/24/10, sometime in the morning when the next one goes up. I will draw winners randomly and the prize will be sent directly from Quilthome.com. Good luck!


  1. Joan says:

    I love Soul Blossoms, AB58 Tangerine! The colors in this line are gorgeous.

  2. Jan says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this! My pick would be AB59-Amaranth…swoon!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Ooh–I am loving AB58–Tangerine! Of course, they are all lovely.

  4. Jenny G. says:

    I think Soul Blossoms AB56-Chartreuse has to be my favorite! Thanks for the chance!

  5. Tong says:

    so lovely! my favourite print is AB62 Buttercups – Spearmint. thanks for the giveaway!

  6. alison says:

    I think the Saffron is my favorite. It was a tough choice though.

  7. Su Chin says:

    I love the Hot Pink… it’s gorgeous!

    Thanks for the giveaway op!

  8. Kirsty Higgins says:

    thanks for a wonderful opportunity, all of those prints are gorgeous and I think my favourite would be AB56 Chartreuse. thanks again.

  9. Marina Lynn says:

    Wonderful ! We’ve been ogling Soul Blossoms for ever since we saw it previewed at True Up. Also we are thrilled to know about the designer fabric selection at Quilthome.com. It is hard to find all of those collections on a single site… now we’ve got it bookmarked ! Thank you for the yummy giveaway and for bringing so much inspiration to the quilting community every day. (ps. We love AB60 in all colorways but especially Deep Water).

  10. Melissa K says:

    I agree with your assessment of QuiltHome. The reasons they do so well despite being based in a tiny town definitely include their customer service and great inventory!

    I think my favorite is Soul Blossoms AB62-Spearmint.

  11. Dana Nichols says:

    How awesome! AB65 Sea Glass would be my number 1 pick, but it is all so beautiful, how could you go wrong with any of it? Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Brittany Burton says:

    I’m so excited that these fabrics are finally available!!! My fave is definitely AB57 Raspberry.

  13. shannon says:

    i have to agree, quilthome.com is pretty awesome for finding fabrics that you can’t find at other shops. :)

    i think my favorite print is AB60 basil.

    thanks for the giveaway opportunity! :)

  14. Pattie Crum says:

    Love QuiltHome, great website for fabric. AB65 Sea Glass is my fav.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I love the Peacock Feathers – Blush!

  16. JenniferB says:

    awesome giveaway- I love the soul blossoms-AB58 tangerine- beautiful fabric

  17. Margaret says:

    Such a wonderful fabric line. Anything in blue is for me!

  18. Willa says:

    These colors look yummy on computer screen. Bet they are spectacular in real life!

  19. Lesly says:

    Wow – another spectacular line! I’m especially loving AB56 in Carmine!

  20. Alison C says:

    Very fun. Thanks for the giveaway! My favourite is AB66-Mulberry Fabric.

  21. Fun giveaway – love it! Crossing my fingers :)

  22. maureen says:

    love! i think my favorite is the azure – love the blue.

  23. IamSusie says:

    It sure is nice to see some more dynamic colors from Amy Butler. I think I like the AB57 raspberry best.

  24. Fiona M says:

    So hard to choose, but one of my absolute faves would be AB67 in Limestone! So pretty!

  25. Dana says:

    Wow, picking just one is hard, but my choice is AB63 Ocean Fabric.

  26. Cindy A says:

    My favorite print is the Soul Blossoms AB57 Raspberry. I also really like the AB61 Cherry, lots of fun prints to choose from.

  27. Liane says:

    I have been waiting for this collection and am so glad December is almost here! One of my favorites is Soul Blossoms AB59-Amaranth Fabric. Thanks to you and to QuiltHome for such a fabulous giveaway!!

  28. katie says:

    wow, I didn’t think I was going to like this line much, but it’s gorgeous!

  29. Nancy says:

    Very pretty prints! My favorite is the AB66 in Cerise Pink.

  30. Shasta says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Kelly B. says:

    Oh! So pretty! I love the Cilantro dots!

  32. Catherine says:

    I love the blue and yellow in Soul Blossoms Azure. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. Leona says:

    Thank you and Quilt Home for the chance to win from Amy Butler’s latest line “Soul Blossoms” I just love AB56-Chartreuse! But then again anything Amy Butler is always a favorite of mine!

  34. DonnaB says:

    Wonderful fabrics! I especially like AB57 Moss.

  35. I’ve always wanted to try some Amy Butler fabrics–these could make a really nice prayer quilt for someone facing some serious health challenges.

  36. carrie says:

    I love Soul Blossoms AB59-Amaranth! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Majd says:

    I have been stalking any news about this collection ever since I have seen some sneak peeks. I will definitely have to create a couple of items for my store from this gorgeous collection.
    Thank you Trueup and Thank you Quilt home for this giveaway.
    My favorite print is Soul Blossoms AB57-Raspberry

  38. Munaiba says:

    My favourite is the Sari Blooms one called Soul Blossoms AB57-Raspberry Fabric.
    Thanks for the give away.

  39. karenkay says:

    I would love to win the Soul Blossom fabric by Amy Butler! My favorite is Moss because it has such beautiful colors in it and it is very pleasing to look at!

  40. Laura Tawney says:

    Wow what a really fun give-a-way. I love Amy Butler fabrics and Soul Blossoms AB57-Raspberry Fabric by Amy Butler
    is one of my favorites!
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this great give-a-way!
    Laura T

  41. Katie B says:

    I love the speramint print!

  42. SoozeM says:

    Wow I just adore these, the colors are just so vibrant and alive! My favorite is AB66-Cerise Pink, reminds me of the snow drop flowers my grandma used to grow!

  43. knitress says:

    soul blossoms ab59 amaranth for me!

  44. Shannon says:

    What an awesome giveaway! The new line looks gorgeous. I love the Soul Blossoms Raspberry print – just beautiful!

  45. Lauren says:

    These are all gorgeous but I LOVE AB65 Sea Glass.

  46. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I really like Soul Blossoms AB57-Raspberry Fabric.

  47. Carolyn Wood says:

    The colors are amazing! My favorite is the Delhi Blooms – Lime

  48. Mel says:

    I love them all but especially AB57 – raspberry

  49. Patty Ojeda says:

    I really thank you for this give away! My favorite would be Soul Blossoms AB61-Periwinkle!

  50. tracy_a says:

    How cool! Thanks for the giveaway – I am in love with Buttercups in Cyan (and everything else).