Blog Tour/Giveaway: Hillary Lang & Wee Wonderfuls

Today we’re thrilled to feature Hillary Lang‘s new book, Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love as part of the blog tour organized by Hillary and her publisher STC Craft.

I don’t think you can find group of bigger vintage fabric freaks than Hillary, me, and Kim Steckler (who wrote the book review today). In 2005, Hillary and I found ourselves uploading vintage fabric swatches to Flickr at the same time, which led to us to forming the Vintage Fabric Flickr Pool. Five years later, it has 2,600+ members and nearly 13,000 fabric images. And today Kim S. is one of its most prolific contributors, with nearly 1,000 fabrics added (heh — she just surpassed it as I was writing this)! I don’t think there’s a more inspiring design resource anywhere else on the internet.

Hillary is not only gifted with a rich imagination full of delightful characters and creatures, but the ability to bring them to life with a great combination of textiles, in which vintage fabric plays a big part. So for her stop on the blog tour today, Hillary is giving away the fat quarter bundle of vintage fabrics from her stash (see above). To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us why you love vintage fabric, and we’ll draw a winner next Friday, October 7, around noon Central U.S. time. Thanks so much, Hillary!

For a chance to win the STC Craft book of your choice, hop on over to the STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books blog and tell them about your favorite childhood doll.

Finally, if you’re just joining, the blog tour schedule:

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  1. Stephanie Witchger says:

    I love the variety of vintage fabric patterns and that specific colors and designs can call up a certain era in my mind. Every now and again I’ll come across a pattern that I remember having clothes made out of as a wee girl. My mom made all my outfits back in the 80s so this happens a surprising amount and always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  2. Jodie says:

    I love vintage fabric; it makes me happy to see it stacked up on my shelf and I rarely have the heart to use it! (Can’t wait to get the new book!)

  3. Sam says:

    I love vintage fabric because it always tells a story, and it’s much more unique.

  4. Lori says:

    I thnk it’s mostly the memories for me. I have several small pieces of fabric left over from something my grandmother made, here and there, and they are just so precious to me and bring back such memories, esp. now that she’s passed on.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Vintage fabrics have stories and such character; and the designs not seen absolutely everywhere you look, making them all that more precious. Love ‘em.

  6. Linda says:

    I love love love the patterns and the prints of vintage fabrics, but most of all I love thinking of the stories that the hold.

  7. Kimberly says:

    I love my vintage fabrics because they were gifted to me by my aunt. They come from both my Great Granny and Granny’s stashes. I love using bits of them in projects because I can see it and think of them.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Since I am also vintage (LOL) these fabrics remind me of my high school years when I had the time to do lots of sewing…….I thankfully was smart enough to save the many scraps and am now putting them to good use in a yo-yo throw for my favorite rocking chair.

    Hillary’s fat quarter bundle would fit in perfectly !!!!!

  9. Beth says:

    Vintage fabric has a different palette and dye lot than a lot of the mass produced fabric found new in stores today. I love the history and dimension it adds to my work.

  10. Linda says:


  11. Esther says:

    I love vintage fabric for it’s uniqueness compared to what I can find in the fabric store today….and the cost is great too since most of it I find is in thrift stores or at yard sales. It always makes me happy to find that unique fabric to make something with.

  12. Ashley says:

    I love the colors and designs of vintage fabric. They always tell a story and I just love that!

  13. LeAnn B says:

    Vintage fabrics remind me of the handmade clothes I had growing up. There’s nothing better than finding a fabric that was used in one of the countless dresses my mom made me – until I thought that handmade was ‘uncool.’ How silly is that? :)

  14. Amy Hodge says:

    I love vintage fabric because it’s always a surprise seeing what you come up with — there always seems to be a hidden treat! Plus there are some really interesting color combinations that you just don’t see today.

  15. danielle says:

    i love vintage fabric because its not easily found (well, the good bits anyway!!) i love the fact that i have stumbled across someone elses *junk* which becomes my new favourite fabric, to recreate as i feel- into softies/ quilts/ baby toys, whatever. AND, its a cheap way to craft, when i otherwise wouldnt be able to afford new, designer fabric (which isnt as pretty!!)

  16. Rosemary says:

    I love the fabric, the colors and the simple times it represents!

  17. Carolyn Wood says:

    One of the things I like about vintage fabric is thinking about where it’s been. I have some fabric of my grandma’s from the thirties, some of it was leftovers from an apron mill, used to sew items for the church bazaar. I like to imagine who touched it.

  18. Kirsten says:

    I love vintage fabric for the colors, patterns and the shear beauty of them. Knowing that you can’t get them just anywhere makes them that much better too!

  19. Pat S says:

    My “vintage” fabric is from the 60′s when I first learned to sew – my mom and I made most of my dresses and I’m lucky enough to have a collection of the scraps. I treasure them because of the memories, since my mom passed on last November and I miss her so much.

  20. Lyndy says:

    I love the vintage graphics, the different mixes of coulours, and the fact that when you make something from a vintage fabric it has a uniqueness. I also like to think about their history – who bought them originally what were their hopes and plans.

  21. Audra says:

    I love vintage fabric because it is a tangible, aesthetically appealing piece of the past. My collection from my own childhood clothes reminds me of happy times when I was young.

  22. jill says:

    vintage fabric just reminds me of home, that comfy cozy home

  23. Jeanelle says:

    Vintage fabrics remind me of my Grandmother.

  24. Alessandra says:

    Vintage fabric opens up a whole world of fabrics that are something individual to your finds and not what people can just get in the store currently. That is exciting and makes it so unique!

  25. faith says:

    I love the colors and patters of vintage fabric and how they bring along a story (known or unknown to me). It’s a special way to create some unique treasures.

  26. June says:

    I love vintage fabric because there’s a feel for some nostalgic time in the past and fabrics aren’t the same now! Some patterns remind me of a wonderful season in my life.

  27. jenn hill says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage fabric! It reminds me of the past. It makes me think of the person who owned it before me, what they had planned to make when they had it cut off the bolt. I like that it’s not just a design, anyone can buy that just came from a factory to the store. I have several pieces of vintage fabric with the original price tag or cutting slip stapled to them, I can’t bring myself to use those. Vintage fabric feels like a little treasure, something not just anyone can go to Joann’s and buy.
    Clearly, I need more of it!

  28. Lynn says:

    I love vintage fabric because of the story it holds.

  29. Sonya says:

    Lots of nifty little prints with lovely colours that make perfect doll clothes. A swatch or two of any vintage fabric can really have a little doll stylin’.

  30. Michele J. says:

    Vintage fabrics are lovely – they remind me of the many fabric scraps that my grandmother always saved from her quilting projects…what I wouldn’t give now to have her know how! This little bundle would be a great beginning to starting my own vintage collection.

  31. Shelly Flynn says:

    I love vintage fabric because its unique. It’s hard to explain, but even when I’m shopping for clothes, I always feel like I’m buying something 15 other people have bought so what’s the point? I like unique. I like to create with fabric that other people may not have. It makes what I create unique.

  32. Readerowl says:

    My grandmother sewed quilts and these are like the ones in her quilts, including bits from dresses she made for me or my mother.

  33. emily b says:

    Vintage fabric brings out the competitor in me! It’s funny, when I’m at a thrift store looking at the fabric remnants, if there is someone else there also fabric shopping, I get really competitive. I really just want to bump them out of the way, because what if they find the perfect vintage remnant! They’re so unique, they can’t possibly go home with someone besides me! Ooo, my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it!

  34. tanja says:

    Oh, I love vintage fabrics and always wish to know their history: Who bought them for what purpose and when? Just lovely!

  35. Hallie says:

    I love vintage fabric because it makes me feel closer to my grandma. I can imagine her sewing her her sewing room and wonder what she would be making now if only she could still sew…

  36. PeachRainbow says:

    Because they remind me of childhood!
    Thanks for the chance.

  37. Traci S. says:

    Vintage for me is all about the pop of color: orange, yellow, GOLD, teal, hot pink. And most of the colors are mixed in such an unusual way; I’m a sucker for anything with a BIG bold print and colors that keep you looking. Hmmm, wonder why I’m a Wee Wonderfuls fan??


  38. Sue Goodin says:

    Why do I love vintage fabrics. I think color is the biggest factor. But as bold as the fabrics are they do offer a comfort.

  39. Sherri S. says:

    Oh, I love vintage fabrics for lots of reasons! Cute prints, the softness of a well-washed and well-worn piece, memories of similar fabrics in a grandma’s dress…thanks for the giveaway (and I must get a copy of that book ASAP!).

  40. Joy says:

    I love vintage fabrics for their color combinations (they remind me of my childhood) and for their unique patterns (you can’t typically find things like it in the fabric stores). I also just love the “hunt” involved in finding good vintage pieces! Thanks for the chance to win some!

  41. Kristy says:

    I love the prints, colors and texture. Vintage fabrics always have a well made quality about them that a lot of fabrics do not have today. They also have such a rich history- and can almost always make someone reminisce about days gone by.

  42. Katherine says:

    I love the colors and patterns in vintage fabrics! They are so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. beverly says:

    I love the feel of vintage fabrics. Plus, the patterns can be so incredible. Thanks.

  44. Eerika says:

    I love vintage fabrics, they have a history, a story to tell and a character that new fabrics just don’t have.

  45. katie says:

    I love the color combinations and charming prints of vintage fabric. It’s always so exciting to find a great piece of vintage fabric or a tea towel at a thrift store :) .

  46. Lise says:

    I love the look of vintage fabrics, and I love that when I use them to make something for my daughter, it’s totally unique–no other toddler is wearing the same thing. Thanks for the chance!

  47. Anna W says:

    I love vintage fabric – it is so neat to think that the fabric has a story of it’s own to tell! And don’t even get me started on the prints! They are so sweet, and seem to have so much more personality than most other things you find these days.

  48. traceyp. says:

    i love that you are re-using and re-cycling fabrics that remind me of certain memories from childhood….

  49. Mamie says:

    I love vintage fabric because of the feel… The quality and history in it’s warp and weft.

  50. Claudia says:

    I love vintage fabrics – the patterns are amazing (I especially love 60′s and 70′s prints), and so are the colors!! The remind me of my grandmothers as well as things from my childhood (I am born in 1969). The idea of reusing something from the past and rescuing it from being thrown out always makes me happy….