Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade Beginnings Giveaway Winner

Thank you so much for all the comments on the Anna Maria Horner blog tour post! In case you missed it, I asked you to recount the most ridiculous baby gear you’ve encountered. I read them all and compiled a Hall of Shame, conveniently divided into categories …

Changing Related:
Wipe warmers (definitely #1 amongst the commenters!)
Peepee Teepee
Baby Bubadoo (kind of a straightjacket for diaper changing?)
Diaper Genie
Diaper stackers

Bottle warmers – travel and home versions!
Baby food grinders
Pacifier pods
Hooter Hider (nursing cover-up)
Mesh feeders
Portable high chairs that attach to the table edge
Bibs – especially infant sized

Infant shoes and socks — and those baby heels, oy!
Two-piece infant outfits
Expensive/fancy/dry-clean-only/white baby clothes
Baby helmet for beginning walkers

Bathtub thermometer
Baby bathtub
Infant robes

Crib bumpers and bedding sets
Crib lights/toys that attach to the bars

Baby walkers
Carseat and stroller covers
Designer or unwieldy strollers

Loud & plastic toys
“Educational” dvds

1st curl/1st tooth/birth certificate holders

Depends highly on the kid and mom:
nursing pillows
play yards, swings, and exersaucers (these were lifesavers for us — much to my dismay our baby hated slings and carriers and loved these things!)

Ha … I’m kind of feeling bad for the negativity fest, even if it is directed in a lighthearted manner at mass-produced stuff, so please feel free to defend any of these items in the comments! But overall, the resounding message is: 1) babies need love a million times more than stuff, 2) stick to the essentials — your money is much better spent on, say, massages for mama! 3) as Anna Maria’s book emphasizes, you can never go wrong surrounding a new arrival with handmade loveliness.

And the winner of the copy of Handmade Beginnings is …

Shanna Boatler (comment #103), who wrote, “we bought the mesh food holder. it definitely was messier and harder to clean than just a messy baby eating with her hands!! great book!!” Congratulations, Shanna!


  1. Yvonne says:

    I am totally defending the mesh feeder! My kids loved that thing and it saved my sanity. Added some frozen cantaloupe into it they went to town :)

  2. blair says:

    me too! haha! we LOVED our mesh feeders, only because they were a nice treat for teething babies… fill them with ice or frozen fruit and voila! instantly happy baby :)

  3. Mama Spark says:

    I like either of the first 2 packs. They would make amazing quilts!

  4. rockymountainmama says:

    We live in Montana & I have to say that a wipes warmer is essential 10 months out of the year. Y’all must live in warmer climes. As a cloth diapering mama of 3, soon to be 4, that wipes warmer was always full of home-made wipes solution and cloth wipes. What little one wants the rude awakening of an ice cold wipe on their tookas after that 2am nursing when they are blissfully asleep?
    And I have to defend the infant bibs too. I had so much milk with my first 2, that they were always spitting up tons after they finished nursing. If it weren’t for the infant bibs I would have had to change their clothes 10 times a day. I have an arsenal of them.
    And I’m all in on the mesh feeder. Huge pain in the patooty to clean? Absolutely! But so helpful to the teething baby. Mango has always been the favorite chew toy.

  5. Casey H. says:

    My husband thinks the bottle warmer is a lifesaver when he is home with our little one and she wakes up wailing for some of my milk. That thing heats up the bottle in about one minute! (Glass bottles, mind you!)

  6. Patsy says:

    Whoa, I’m loving the Bird Talk !!