Rumba by Hoodie

{ The Ballroom Tweet }

I always like to see what Japanese designer Hoodie is doing over at Blank Quilting. Her latest is Rumba, and it’s sure to please all you bird lovers. Plus it’s a manageable little collection. There are only five fabrics on the Blank Quilting site but the shops are selling them with super cute coordinates from her previous collection, Cutie Pie (which didn’t get the attention it deserved, in my opinion!).

{ The Rumba Dance }

{ The Step-in-Seed Black }


{ The Step-in-Seed Cream }


{ Spotlight Dots }


  1. Super cute combination, and I love it when designers make their new line coordinate with their previous one; it’s so smart!

  2. Sarah says:

    This is so “Hoodie!” I love how all of her stuff is so happy!

  3. Grant says:

    I like the subtle touch of Japanese design with a Western flair. And you are right Sarah there does seem a “happiness” in her work.