Preview: Wild World by Jenean Morrison

Jenean Morrison‘s upcoming collection Wild World for FreeSpirit maintains her signature closely packed, dazzingly complex design style, revisits the oft tones of her debut collection Moondance, yet marks a new turn into organic floral motifs.

Jenean explains the inspiration behind Wild World:

My inspiration for this collection came from the modern movement of creative people living a nomadic, pared-down lifestyle, perhaps closer to nature, but still glamorous, colorful and artistic. Freedom and creativity are two words that best convey this theme for me. Some of the names for the prints are Wanderlust, Surf, Day Trip, On the Road, Flower Child and Departure. My husband came up with the name for the collection, and as soon as he suggested it I fell in love! We live in a “Wild World,” full of diverse and fascinating people and places, and I believe this collection embraces and celebrates this.

So lovely! And if you’re attending Quilt Market this year, you’ll get to see it up close in her first solo booth.


  1. Penny says:

    WOW! Those are gorgeous! I am betting my tiny little town will never have these in store…any idea where they will be available for purchase?

  2. Cathy A says:

    Oh, my! That is pretty fabric! I love it all stacked up like that. Maybe I should get some!! I do love the name, too. Makes me think of that old Cat Stevens song.

  3. Aniza says:

    I love the “Wild World” collections. Must have! LOL

  4. Ellie says:

    Wow – love all the colorways! Love all the orange and greens!