Preview: Soul Blossoms Home Dec & Laminates by Amy Butler

Now here’s part II of the preview of Amy Butler‘s Fall 2010 collection, Soul Blossoms. (Did you see Part I earlier this week?) In addition to the quilting/apparel weight cottons, Soul Blossoms will also include a smaller group of home dec weight cottons and laminated fabrics. There are four prints here that are not in the quilting cotton collection.

Speaking of home dec, Amy Butler recently revealed a new line of organic bedding from Welspun, which you can buy from her store and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Incredible!

Soul Blossoms laminates will be perfect for her new Rainy Days Hooded Raincoat & Runabout Jacket, and its wee version. I know many of you were excited about the raincoat after seeing it sewn up in Love fabrics at the Fall Quilt Market, so you’ll be happy to know it’s available now! And if you’re intrigued by the promotional image above, you’ll want to bookmark Threads’ tutorial How to Re-Cover an Umbrella.

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