Newest IKEA Fabrics

One of IKEA’s newest fabric collections is called Charlotta. Not something I’d ever pick for my home — too stark for me — but I like that it’s weird and different. Anime-like characters in a Swedish store? Sure, why not? At only $5.99 a yard you and your kids could go to town coloring these in using fabric markers (like TeeJuice from Jacquard) or fabric paints.

Britten is more black & white supergraphics, only with pops of color. Fans of text fabrics take note! I like the house theme.

And then you can’t get any more colorful than the Annamoa collection! It’s a little Echino-esque with the animals and bold graphic style, yet still wholly its own thing.

And then a few more fabrics from the IKEA website. From the top: Saralisa, Lena, Kajsastina, Varmt Hund, and Varmt Rund. Well whaddyaknow, a wireframe cyberbulldog!


  1. heather says:

    OOooohhh… i lOVE the Ikea fabrics!!! They are too perfect for my tween boys rooms!! f a n t a s t i c!!

  2. Miss Prickly says:

    Wow, those are interesting fabrics. I would like to cover a wall with some of the houses fabric. The anime-like fabrics disturb me. I’m not usually a fan anyway, but they seem out of place.

  3. corentine says:

    I’ve got the ‘origami’ one, pretty cool. A bit thick but works fine. I also got the ‘crabs’ one, I put it in my corridor, on the wall, very bright and nice. Was a good help to let Winter go and welcome Spring in Paris !
    Regarding the polka dots, they are just GREAT !! I already have plenty of thin fabrics with dots home but after seeing some people sew it, I guess I’ll go back to Ikea and get some …pLus the colors are nice !

    watch out this little bloomer :

  4. Heidi says:

    Digging Annamoa! I normally go for any and everything black and white, but for some reason Charlotta does not do anything for me. Interesting though, and certainly different.

  5. Karo says:

    i bought the house print a few weeks ago. i LOVE the actual “colors” of it. much nicer than in the ikea photographs.

    those polka dots on the bottom are actually also the new ikea oilcloth which i’m kinda excited about. i was getting tired of their old oilcloth prints which they had carried for years. thinking those big bright polka dots will be awesome in our new kitchen.

  6. Gail K. says:

    I actually bought several of these prints this weekend while in Cincinnati going to an Indie craft fair after reading your post last week. I used the Anime print to make an portfolio bag for my niece ( The polka dots are VERY large polka dots. I had in mind to use the bulldog fabric to make throw pillows but it also a very large print.