New Fabrics From Farbenmix

Three new prints from German pattern, ribbon, and now fabric company Farbenmix are available now from Volksfaden. Above: Florafox by luziapimpinella; below: Owl Love by Hamburger Liebe and Raccoon Woods by paulapĆ¼. Owl Love is on 59″ wide corduroy, and the other two prints are 55″ poplin.


  1. katie kirby says:

    I really like these fabrics! They are so vivid and cheerful!

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  3. Cathy A says:

    Love these! Kinda wish you hadn’t shared them…now there’s more to want!

  4. beth lemon says:

    That top one really reminds me of Tina Givens. I do like it.

  5. keyka says:

    These are cute. The last one is very funny. It looks like the mole is playing King of the Hill!