Digital Fabric Printing Comparison Chart Updated!

Update 12/3/10This chart is already a bit outdated in terms of what the American printers offer! For Europeans, there are two printing services for you to consider, (reactive dyes) and Stoff’n (pigments). Hopefully I’ll have an updated chart finished in the next couple months.

Last summer I tested out four digital fabric printing companies by printing the same design with all of them and comparing the results. The post included a comparison chart covering pricing, available basecloths, color matching info, and other details. That chart was sorely in need of an update (mostly due to the introduction of the Spoonflower Marketplace), which I have finally done! Download it here (pdf). And let me know if you catch any errors.


  1. Rosy Lady says:

    Very interesting, you say that you have used each to print some fabric. Hope you will share the results you’ve had with each company and whether you have noticed a difference in the print quality, color changes etc?

  2. Susan says:

    There has been much concern over fading and washing issues (see this thread on flickr – and )

    I would be interested in seeing wash tests for all the printing companies.

  3. Karo says:

    very interesting. thank you for doing all this work for us! <3

  4. [...] at this awesome chart on True Up – they’ve compared all the digital fabric printing companies so we don’t have to! [...]

  5. Rossie says:

    this chart is awesome. would love to see a column for colorfastness and another one for environmental friendliness.