New Feature: Digital Fabric of the Week

I’ve been thinking about having a weekly feature on digitally printed fabric here on True Up for a while now. The thing with columns, as I’ve found out the hard way, is that they sound great at first but after doing it a handful of times you run out of ideas. So I’ve been bookmarking ideas and I think I have enough to make a go of it. Digital is here to stay so I don’t anticipate any shortage of amazing new designs.

It was Pikaland‘s interview with illustrator Christiane Engel today that inspired me to finally take the plunge and get this thing going! Though hailing from Germany and now living in London, Christiane seems to have a fascination with the American West, as evidenced by her fabric prints and lots of her recent illustration work. I love her quirky, outsider style. For her fabric designs she writes “I combined painted textures like paper and wood, which gives even the background colour a processed, rustic look.” This is actually a great way to get around some of the problems with fading of large areas of solid colors that have been associated with pigment inks used by some digital printers.

Christiane sells her fabric through her Etsy shop. Keep up with Christiane on her blog, and see more of her illustrations and patterns on Flickr.

p.s. I will probably be posting this column on Thursdays rather than Fridays … if you come across any digital designers you think I should know about, please contact me!


  1. Amy@Pikaland says:

    How awesome Kim! Christiane’s work is awesome and yes I have to agree, I’m seeing lots of inventive patterns on digitally printed fabrics these days, so I love the idea of a column dedicated to it!


  2. Christiane says:

    Hey Kim, thank you so much for featuring my fabrics, I will follow your site, it’s lovely!!