Digital Fabric of the Week: The American Family Collection by Hand to Hand Textile Design

Seattle designer Tamia Sheldon is a mama to a little girl born in Haiti. After becoming a mixed family she realized how limited the textile world was for families like hers, and was inspired to design prints for the new modern family. Her fabrics depict mixed race families, same-sex parents, and single parents, with the unifying theme of love. I got teary-eyed looking through her Etsy shop, Hand to Hand Textile and Surface Design. “With this fabric line I hope to show what the current American family looks like in 2010 and offer an sense of inclusiveness to all the families who are changing the idea of a ‘Normal Family’,” she writes. “We are normal, we are all unique and what we all have in common is the experience of love and togetherness, the experience of being a family.”

This is what digital printing is all about, folks — the ability to create textiles that speak to people, interests, and tastes that aren’t always represented in the mainstream. Keep up with Tamia on herblog and see more of her work in textiles and other media on her website.


  1. Shasta says:

    As mom to a beautiful boy from Ethiopia, I’m in love with this fabric! Going over to order some right now… Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Kajsa says:

    This is wonderful! Makes me happy at heart!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My daughter is Vietnamese and my 2nd daughter will be from Ethiopia – I’ve never seen someone get close to representing what our family looks like, but now I have!

  4. volksfaden says:

    Wonderful fabric….beautiful idea! Would hope a fabric manufacturer would see the value in these fab fabrics and create a collection with this great lady so fabric shops who would dearly love to get their grimy little hands on it, could… love them.