Digital Fabric of the Week: Stoff’n

Thanks to my favorite European fabric-printing addict Smil, I’ve discovered the new German digital fabric printing service Stoff’n. Right now they offer four 100% cotton basecloths: a medium-weight plain-weave, a sateen, a jersey knit, and an upholstery weight, and ship within Europe only (sorry, rest of the world!) Despite that I’m very much enjoying looking through the designs. But maybe anyone can upload designs and perhaps even sell them markeptplace-style? My German is sad, so I can’t really tell. Maybe a more worldly reader can look the site over and tell us in the comments?


{ test prints from by ‘smil (blog) on Flickr }


  1. Nadja says:

    Dear Kim, thanks so much for writing about stoffn and linking my designs :-)
    Soon everyone can upload and order their own fabrics (or any other that are seen on the website). Katja Locke, the founder of stoffn has already received international orders and is currently working on an english version of the website.
    The marketplace will work much like spoonflower’s. The designer collects points for selling own designs and can use them to pay for orders or get cash. And there will be competitions too!! As great as spoonflower is, we’re very thankful to have something similar in Erope now :)

  2. Marianne says:

    This is great news! thank you so much for sharing this. I have been hoping something would turn up in Europe so we could have fun with printing our own designs. Can’t wait to try this out. No to rummage through my drawings to find what to try first :-D
    Marianne in Belgium

  3. Worldwide shipping? Good idea! Maybe I’m too modest.

    But as soon as the English Version is finished I’ll take care for the other continents:)

  4. a. says:

    I have to second Najda (and Katja :) ) – we in Europe love Spoonflower, but we’ve long been yearning for a Spoonflower of our own, and stoff’n is the perfect answer for everyone in Europe who wants to print their own designs on (100% ökotex-certified) fabrics.
    Katja really knows what the craftista scene here wants and needs (after all, she’s a designer).
    If you’d like to read an interview with her, you’re invited to stop by my blog (you’d need to auto-translate it, though, because it’s in German; or just drop me a note and I’ll send you a translation!).