Textile Stew: 9/30/10

Jessica’s roundup of people that have copied her Amusement Park fabrics made me kind of ill.

I’m jealous of Blempgorf’s latest vintage fabric score. Makes me wish I could make it to Antique Weekend in Round Top, TX this week, but I’ll have to wait till the spring show.

Mod Mood Quilt ~ Get Your Curve On

This quilt is just extraordinary, and you can learn the techniques to make one to reflect your own personality by joining Sherri Lynn Wood’s Mod Mood Quilt-Along.

The new issue of Stitch Magazine is out and it’s all about fabric!

Whipstitch’s Sewing With Knits five-week e-course starts next week — there’s still time to register.

Digital fabric printing challenge, round 2, on Project Runway tonight!

Kris’s Color Stripes on the color trends at fall fashion week.

Japanese Sewing and Pattern Terms, by Moving Hands

design*sponge’s Top 20 Fabric Sources. Read the comments for even more.


  1. Ugh, I can’t imagine how irritating it must be to see your design copied everywhere. On the other hand I would kill for that quilt. Anyone want to make it for me? I guess I will add it to the to-do list.

  2. Thanks for posting on the Modern Mood Quilt Craft-along. I encourage your readers to go ahead and make their own. Their quilt will look completely different but they will make masterpieces just the same. They will also learn something about themselves. I guarantee it!

    • Kim says:

      Sherri Lynn, I’m so sorry for implying that the quilt-along was to make a replica of your original. I’ve changed the wording.

      • Oh – I didn’t read that at all in your post. My response was just letting people to encourage people to jump in and see what happens. But thanks for your sensitivity Kim – your rewording is even better.

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  4. [...] 1, 2010 by Sherri Lynn Wood I’m delighted to receive so many new visitors to my site from True Up, Craftzine and others. If you are entertaining the idea of crafting your own Mod-Mood Quilt, [...]