It’s a mini-meme! This week has seen a handful of talented surface pattern designers posting about their design process. If you follow along you’ll see that the tools are a little different, but the process (basically, of futzing around till you’re satisfied) is largely the same.

Betz White takes us from doodle to Illustrator finished fabric — a design that will probably be the basis of her next collection.

Jenean Morrison shows how one simple shape created serendipitously in Illustrator can become six very different, beautiful patterns.

Daisy Janie started from a doodle but ended up with a wholly different pattern after playing around in Illustrator. She also shows how color can totally change the look of a print. Gorgeous!

Jessica Gonacha Swift kind of kind of kicked this whole mini-meme by sharing her decisionmaking process as she took a drawing from doodle to finished print using Photoshop.

Ms. Tula Pink‘s process of creating allover repeats by hand on graph paper before re-creating them (in Illustrator with a tablet) remains mysterious and amazing to me!

Michelle (Cicada Studio/Cloud9 Fabrics) was inspired by a vintage Hans Carl Perleberg deer pattern, and ended up with a completely different deer design. I love seeing the in-between versions that help these designers arrive at their final pattern.

Jesse Breytenbach says “The way I usually work is to carve a block, ink it and start plonking it on fabric to find a pattern I like”, but for this post she went digital.

Patricia of A Little Hut shows how she went from sketch to Illustrator, then mocks up some possible applications. She’s mostly a paper gal but has made some forays into fabric, and says she’s thinking of turning this design into something textile-y. Do it!


  1. daisy janie says:

    Thanks for posting our links, Kim! Wow. If I had known how much airtime were going to get, I would posted a better design and put out my Sunday Best!

    Your hard work is greatly appreciated!!

  2. iHanna says:

    Coming across this blog post with these design links is the best that happened today, oh wow how cool, thanks for linking to all these ladies, I would’ve missed these otherwise!

  3. danielle says:

    nice roundup – thanks for the great posting! We have a heap of great textile printers in Australia so may have to round them up for a similar posting – will let you know so you can add to the list!