Midcentury Textile Designer Finds Something Fine

Vicky of Something Fine (True Up interview from the Vintage Fabric collector series here) frequently posts her vintage finds to Flickr, and this one received a comment from Bob Pedley, who worked at the company that produced it in the 1950s-60s, Crabtree Fabrics Ltd. Vicky then interviewed him, and that interview is here.

At the end she writes that after the mills closed in the 80s “Bob set up his own printing company acquiring the machines used and in recent years has scrapped perfectly good machinery and about 2000 rollers of the over 3000 they had.” I believe that’s referring to copper rollers — I know that some Asian mills still use engraved copper roller printing sometimes, but most mills now use rotary screenprinting. Because the demand is so low the old rollers are scrapped because the copper is still quite valuable.

Thank you so much for sharing, Vicky and Mr. Pedley!

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