Birthday Boy.

Cheeks and Curls

Taking the day off today to heap love on my guy. And make cupcakes. See you Sunday!


  1. aida says:

    what a cutie! happy birthday to your little man!

  2. isa says:

    Happy birthday to that little guy.

  3. Collette says:

    Happy Birthday little guy!

  4. Katarina Johansson says:

    Oh what a cutie pie! Happy Birthday to him! :) They grow so fast. My youngest will be 4 in july…time goes fast! Hope you have a great day and another beautiful year together!

  5. Kathi D says:

    How precious! He manages to look both beautiful and “all-boy” at the same time.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Oh those cheeks :) Happy Birthday to your little Boy!

  7. Sheree says:

    He is adorable! Look at those eyes! Happy belated birthday to him!