Fabric Forecast 2009: Volksfaden

To help kick off the new year, I asked many fabric sellers, designers, and manufacturers one question:

Where is the fabric world (or your corner of it) going in 2009?

Here’s Linda Gaylord, owner of online fabric shop Volksfaden, sharing her wishes for her own corner of the world (Germany) and the fabric industry as a whole.


A New Year’s Greeting on Volksfaden.de

In what direction is the German textile market going? This is a difficult question to answer because I think that Germany hasn’t really caught up as of yet to the exciting textile design market that exists in the States, Japan, and Australia for example. The Netherlands has a solid fabric market with companies like Oilily and Stenzo but Germany still seems to be lagging behind. I would love to see a company comparable to Free Spirit here, offering collections from German and other European designers. I would love to see more textile design coming out of this country and/or out of Europe for that matter. I would love to see great designs being made here and printed on Organic Cotton.

My biggest wish for the fabric world in general would be for more awareness as to the hazards of the conventional method of producing and printing cotton fabric and the hope that bigger companies in the industry like Free Spirit, Michael Miller, and Alexander Henry will eventually take a real stand and bring out some of their fabulous prints on organic cotton. That would be for me, a dream come true.

{Thank you so much, Linda!}

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  1. Lanny Tennen says:

    I buy a lot of fabric from an online website called http://www.iluvfabrix.com, and they have fabric from all over the world, including some that I bought that were designed and loomed in Germany.

    If you want to have a look at what this store has to offer (and everything always seems to be on sale there) please click the following link (sorry if it doesn’t work……computer stuff is not my forte). It is: http://www.iluvfabrix.com/products.php