Fabric Forecast 2009: Retro Age Vintage Fabrics

Continuing the 2009 fabric forecast series, here is Vanessa of Retro Age Vintage Fabrics:


1960s bird print on cotton, from Retro Age Vintage Fabrics

As mankind enters a new stage of requiring environmental and social renewal and revival the use of vintage fabrics and general old linens is only becoming more and more prevalent.

We are noticing a return to the days of old – where crafting was a daily love and making ‘things’ was both needed to meet financial constraints and wanted from a social perspective.

Vintage is now a fundamental part of daily vernacular – as opposed to antique or antiques, which is not. Using and buying vintage is now an accepted form of living, whereas just 10 years ago purchasing vintage for the aesthetic was still largely frowned upon. People here in Australia still viewed vintage as secondhand and largely second-rate and for people who couldn’t afford ‘new’. That view has now completely altered and the vintage abode, vintage clothing and vintage wares are widely accepted as personal design loves and passions rather than cheap and used materials.

Vintage fabric entered its second renaissance in recent years. There are a number of over-riding reasons for this – people want to use what is already made and thus reduce their carbon footprint used to make newly manufactured fabrics. People are also becoming increasingly savvy regarding mass-made items and many feel the need to remain unique and individual – and, in a world with similar fabric on many local shopping streets, people have realized the unique quality and design style vintage fabric brings to both interior design, handmade objects and gift-giving.

The popularity of vintage fabric will continue throughout 2009 (we hope!). The Scandinavian and retro super-graphic prints are already on the wane and we are noticing a return to the 1960s and 1970s novelty cottons, the Memphis-style 1980s abstract fabrics and also minimalist 1950s and 1960s small prints.

{Thanks Vanessa!}

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