Fabric Forecast 2009: HarmonyArt

To help kick off the new year, I asked fabric sellers, designers, and manufacturers the question:

Where is the fabric world (or your corner of it) going in 2009?


Today, Harmony Susalla, founder and creative director of HarmonyArt, producer and advocate of organic fabric and textiles:

1. I believe the days of bragging about the “bargain” we got on all sort of things including fabric are on their way out. The promise of better living through more stuff hasn’t delivered and I think the new trend will be quality living through thoughtful things.

2. More value will be placed on one-of-a-kind items and more hand-made goods. The Etsy market will continue to thrive and expand during this shift. More people will gradually start to realize the greater impact their daily decisions make not only on their own personal health but also on the long term sustainability of our planet.

3. Organic and recycled fabrics will become more mainstream and their importance will continue to grow. “Organic” will be associated with thoughtfulness as it breaks out of its oatmeal and granola/hippy reputation. As people discover that cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world and that it is poisoning the earth and water supply around the globe they will begin to get that “cheap” now can mean expensive later.

{Thank you so much, Harmony!}


  1. Jan Andrea says:

    I wonder if Harmony is aware of the CPSIA? Many of us would love to continue to buy handmade, especially for our children, but there is no exemption for even organic printed fabrics, only untreated ones. Alas for small businesses.

  2. Harmony says:

    YES! I am definitely aware of CPSIA. You can see my posts on the issue at: http://www.harmonyart.com/about/journey.html I am hopeful sanity will prevail but I encourage all of us to get involved!

  3. Liesl says:

    I just finished my first project using Harmony Art fabric. (Hopefully I’ll get it up in my shop/blog tomorrow.) I’ll be using it more, for sure. The quality is supreme and the design are ever so lovely. :)