Daily Swatch: Words and Letters


Vintage words in lozenges, estimated 1940s by the seller (though that’s doubtful — see comments). Looks like it’s a tribute to an unidentified trivia board game. 13.5 x 17 inches, buy-it-now $6.99.

One Comment

  1. Vireya says:

    I doubt this fabric is from the 1940s. The seller describes it as “polycotton”. Polyester was patented in 1941, but didn’t take off as a clothing fibre until the early 60s. At first it was used as a pure fibre. I had a terylene dress in the early 60s, and it was appalling fabric – very plasticy, and its main feature was the sparks that you could see if you took the dress off in the dark!

    Polyester wasn’t regularly mixed with cotton until later (somewhere in the 1970s?), to try an overcome the negatives of the pure polyester, such as its inability to breathe. There are plenty of plastic-feeling pure polyester 1970s clothes in vintage shops.

    If this fabric is polycotton, that colour scheme looks more likely to be from the 1980s. If it is from the 1940s, it is not polycotton.

    PS – the term “Pop music” wasn’t widely used until the 1950s, either.