Daily Swatch: Two Weeks of Green

moygashel fabric

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I couldn’t find any more shamrock fabric that really got my heart thumping, but I did come across some actual green fabric from Ireland — this is “Heidi,” designed by Genia Sapper for Northern Ireland linen manufacturer Moygashel, from the collection of Miss Marmalade on Flickr. Here it is in a purple colorway. I couldn’t find much information on Sapper or Moygashel online — if you know about them, please drop me a line!


  1. Bammom says:


    I don’t really know anything about either of these companies but back in the 50′s and 60′s a garment made of Moygashel linen was always considered to be a quality item.

    I always believed that Irish linen was the best.

  2. Hello

    Great blog :)

    I contacted John Hopper, who writes the brilliant Textile Blog (http://thetextileblog.blogspot.com/), about Moygashel and this ‘Heidi’ fabric, and he had this to say:

    “Genia Sapper is the designers name. Moygashel Fabrics Ltd were based in Northern ireland. They were founded in 1795 and were producers of woven and printed fabrics for both interiors and fashion. They had a particular reputation for linen weaving, a traditional Irish speciality.

    “It seems that Moygashel is no longer with us, though for a long time they were considered one of the better British textile companies. The company seems to have ceased supplying the European market though still has a presence in the US market, though for how much longer I don’t know.

    “If you use ‘Moygashel Fabrics Ltd’ as a Google search, there are a number of interesting articles about the company and its interior and fashion fabrics.”

    I hope this is of some interest to you.

    Suzy, miss marmalade