Daily Swatch: Space and Sky

Seventies Space Curtain

vintage space fabric

vintage space fabric2

I was going to save this one for weird week II but it’s a perfect closer for the Space and Sky theme. The brown colorway is from the collection of Miss Retro Modern (Etsy shop) on Flickr; the blue is from the collection of a crafty vegan (blog) on Flickr. It looks like a knockoff of every popular space themed show or movie from the 70s-80s but then again not any one in particular. Except for that R2-D2-like creature. It also reminds me of Tracy Morgan’s Astronaut Jones skits from SNL [warning: bad word ahoy], and anything that does that gets my thanks.


  1. Amanda Gentry says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE – don’t you think Thomas needs this in his room in some capacity?

  2. Malinda says:

    ok – the fact that you found this in 2 color ways is disturbing. Loved the space and sky themed week :)