Daily Swatch: Calendar Tea Towels

startex 1960 calendar tea towel

Startex 1960 calendar tea towel, $10 from Rubylane seller Black Dog Kitchen. Googling “Startex” revealed that there is a town by that name in South Carolina, it’s a textile industry-heavy area. This page has a photo of “the remains of the Startex Mill” … don’t know if that is the origin of this towel though.

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  1. golden star says:

    Funny, I was just researching Startex last month. I bought an unopened package of Startex institutional toweling w/ tons of yardage. It’s kinda similar to the toweling in the dispensers that you pull to get to a clean part. So, I have been making applique kitchen towels.

    Anyway, Startex made a bunch of textiles and manufactured towels, tablecloths, and napkins in the day…