Daily Swatch: Butterflies

The Daily Swatch shows a piece of vintage fabric (almost) every day. Themes change periodically. Please add your own examples of the theme to the True Up and/or Vintage Fabric Flickr Pools!

Summer Time with Butterflies and Berries

Oops, the dogs took off to avoid the fireworks. The new Daily Swatch theme is Butterflies, and I think this one will last at least two weeks — there are many, many great vintage butterfly prints out there to share with you. Above: Red, white, and blue butterflies, flowers, and strawberries from the collection of KitschDesigns on Flickr.


  1. tiina says:

    i so love butterflies and flowers! i wish i could design fabrics like that… maybe i just start drawing and painting again..?

  2. So cute!
    Strawberries, daisies, AND butterflies…it doesn’t get better than that. :)