Daily Swatch: Butterflies


OK, we’re going on the fourth week of butterflies. That’s OK, right? Who doesn’t like butterflies? There is just a neverending supply good butterfly Daily Swatch fodder. Above: Vintage swallowtail butterfly kimono cotton fabric, 97 x 36cm (38.1 – 14.1 inches), from eBay seller kimonopetitjapon. Hmm — vintage kimono fabric is something I haven’t even touched on yet. Put it on the to-do list!

One Comment

  1. Kim F. says:

    You might start by checking out kyotokimono.com. A friend of mine who runs a vintage store in Chapel Hill gets a lot of gorgeous vintage kimonos there, and they also sell scrap bundles. Hope your research is fruitful (and not too addictive)!