Daily Swatch: Brands and Logos


Here’s one for you Oregonians: Blitz Beer logo fabric, 44 inches wide x 5.5 uncut yards, $125, from Revival Fabrics. (I think) the Blitz brand became Henry Weinhard’s at some point … anyone more up on their breweriana than me? From the fabric’s description:

Back in the 1960s and 1970s you would find store shelves in Portland, Oregon fully stocked with Blitz beer. It was the most popular beer. This vintage fabric is a piece of true beer brewing history. The Blitz beer company closed their doors in the early 1990s. The fabric dates from its heyday in the 60s to 70s and features the Blitz beer logo.

To give you some context, here’s an awesome Blitz commercial. Don’t drink and water-ski, kids.

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