Vintage Fabric Source Roundup: Part III – eBay and Ruby Lane

A joint Mary Beth and Kim production. See part 1 of the vintage fabric source roundup (standalone web shops and brick & mortars) here, and part II (Etsy) here.

Aah eBay, enabler of thousands of vintage fabric addicts. There is an overwhelming number of listings there at any given time, to be sure, but you just need to get into a groove with search terms. You can also browse eBay Stores that carry vintage fabric to wander aimlessly or to find sellers that specialize in your particular niche (feedsacks, say, or antique ticking, or 40s rayon, or atomic-era barkcloth). The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but a handful of sellers we have come to know over the years or who stood out as having a significant amount of cool old fabric. Happy hunting. Just don’t snipe us, OK?


Antique Vintage European Textiles
This shop’s focus is French ticking and antique French fabric and textiles, vintage grain sacks, and homespun linen. There are about 800 items for sale (yowsa), and they ship from the U.S.



Atomic Textiles
Atomic Textiles is the vintage arm of contemporary fabric store (and True Up sponsor) Funky Fabrix. They also have an Australian storefront at 5/40 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton, Qld. In their own words, “Atomic Textiles boasts one of the largest Scandinavian textile collections in the world.”


BEST 80 Pieces Vintage Novelty Feedsack Fabric Quilt - eBay (item 370235138626 end time Jul-30-09 15_01_41 PDT)

Effie’s Quilt Shop
Kim loves Effie’s. In fact, if she ever has a daughter she just might name her Effie. These are vintage finds from rural Kansas auctions, including lots of great feedsacks and packs of assorted squares (great for little projects or just collecting.)


fabric deli

Fabric Deli
This fabric addict sells cotton, wool, and synthetic vintage fabric in an exhaustively-categorized eBay Australia shop. Don’t miss the vintage fabric scrap packs; she also sells notions, trims, and patterns, and ships worldwide.



Vintage feedsacks, novelty prints, and quilts and quilt tops are the focus of this shop, which also offers a selection of half-sack cuts. Fabrics-etc welcomes international buyers.



Fabric Sew Cheap
This eBay shop is true to its title, with bids starting at 99 cents and free shipping on buy-it-now (shipping to the U.S.) items. A wide assortment of fabrics falls under the category “Vintage Fabric Materials.”



Hipasbury Vintage Fabric and Co
Quality vintage decorator fabrics and big names. He vows he “will come close to knocking your socks off” and certainly won me over with the storied descriptions.



Nostalgia spurred KomputerKat’s feedsack collection, currently numbering 100 items, and including some prints still in sack form.


littleveggie(Hey look! Butterflies!)

Littleveggie’s Vintage Goodies
The stock at Littleveggie’s is kind of random, with ’80s novelty prints next to 1800s quilting cottons, but there are definitely treasures to be found, including some feedsacks, barkcloth, “atomic-era” prints and others.



Majik Pin Up Doll
This shop used to be a mind-blowing source of vintage fabric, especially of quirky juvenile-leaning prints from the 60s-70s. For some reason it has changed names a few times and stock has been going in waves lately, but the customer service has stayed solid through it all.



Nancy Lee’s Fabric and Laces
A respectable feedsack collection is nestled among more Victorian-leaning vintage fabrics and trims. Lots of basics like solids, gingham, stripes, and plaids; and dotted swiss too.



Silvia’s Vintage Treasure Chest
Silvia’s offers a variety of prints in assorted lengths and cuts from the 1920s through the 1960s, including feedsacks but also vintage linens and other related items.


Sodapop Dreams
Sodapopdreams (on vacation at the moment!) specializes in vintage fabric as well as tablecloths, feedsacks, floursacks, runners, towels, and linens, including a number of trippy 60s prints.



Sweetpickins Fabric Store Feedsacks & More
Sweetpickins is definitely feedsack-centered, though they also deal in other vintage fabrics (yardage, aprons, et cetera) and items with a more country flavor.


Ruby Lane

We’re not as familiar with Ruby Lane, which is set up like a gigantic virtual antique mall, sometimes with prices to match. Look for “offers considered” on items if you’re in a haggling mood. Overall on Ruby Lane the selection is not nearly as vast as eBay’s, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to easily locate shops specializing in fabric, but here are a couple we were able to find.

Fab Vintage 60_s Tourist Resort Cities Cotton Canvas Fabric - BB144

Barkcloth Betsy
Betsy has a variety of vintage home decor fabrics in addition to barkcloth.


Vintage Feed Sack, Pennsylvania Dutch style hearts & People - 1002

Jim’s Quilts and Goodies
Goodies = lots of feedsacks, vintage dress fabric yardage, and quilt square lots.


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