Twine Organic Fabrics

Twine Fabrics is a textile design company based in Cape Town, South Africa, putting out an assortment of designs on a blended basecloth of 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton. Twine is run by old friends Cara Rosa and Chloe Townsend, designers who share a love of “all things natural, quirky, and fresh.”


Their products — napkins, tea towels, and bags — are produced in Cape Town, along with the fabric itself, which is available via their studio at The Palms and which retails for R380/meter (about $50 U.S.; overseas shipping can be arranged).



Their designs blend classic patterns ( stripes, checks) and modern, hand-drawn designs (“Big Bird”); I think the resulting collection is clean and refreshing. Each print is available in each of six colors: White, Stone, Chinese Yellow, Betty’s Blue, Scarlett and Squid Ink.

Photos by Bruno Rosa.

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