Show Us Your Stash: Stash With Still Life

Because they’re pretty, that’s why. (Was there even a question? Probably not.)

This week’s edition: Fabric Next To Stuff (but Still Life sounds artier).

saidos da concha

This gorgeous combination is from Flickr user Saidos da Concha. Says Constança,

When I saw these peonies and freesias at the local florist I immediately thought of my pink fabrics! So I bought a few flowers and, as soon as I arrived home, I arranged them in my favourite enamel pitcher. I grabbed my fabrics and my husband’s camera and started shooting!

Kellie+ marmys on flickr) writes of her stacks of solids:

I keep my stash in a glass-doored armoire (along with my handpainted sock yarn stash) because I get almost as much pleasure from just looking at the fabulous colours of my fabrics and yarns as I do from creating with them. I love to add solids to my projects to compliment the wonderfully complex and often richly coloured contemporary quilting fabrics available today. I keep them separate from the prints to make pulling various shades/tones of a particular solid for ‘matching’ quicker and easier.

All Together Now on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Sparrow of Host of Sparrows writes about her immaculately folded collection:

After moving into my latest apartment I spent what may seem like an embarrassing amount of time in my art / craft / sewing / computer room (merging is a necessity in a two bedroom apartment occupied by a girl with too many interests, not to mention the upcoming addition of a fiancé into the mix too!) in front of the ironing board making painstakingly sure that the folded bundles of color coordinated fabric were all the same width and length, but I’m so glad that I did! Even after multiple trips back and forth to the stash weeding thru and pulling out random possibilities, all the fabric has continually settled back into the same happy piles of uniformity that helps to keep my crafting brain organized!


And+Emily (Zayneegirl on flickr) of Emily’s Little World wrote about her “little stack of joy”:

In the middle of a gloomy February, I went to the cheap section of one of the last WalMart fabric sections in my town and indulged in a huge purchase of clearance fabric for an upcoming project. I loved picking colors and patterns that wouldn’t normally “go together” and watching the pile grow as my saleslady cut each bolt.

The final calling for most of this fabric? Spool’s fabric birds, found here

Thanks, stashers!

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  1. All of these are so pretty, the flowers next to the stack of fabric is just gorgeous!!

  2. Carrie P. says:

    What a fun post. I love seeing the fabric done up as art.
    Great idea.