Show Us Your Stash: Skinny LaMinx

Heather Moore, aka Skinny LaMinx, gave a peek at her vintage fabric stash beautifully stored in two glass-fronted cabinets. Oh, the beauty, concentrated all in one place. I love storage that puts the fabric on display.





Here are a few words from Heather:

I’m so pleased to have my stash in plain view at last, after all these years of collecting. I love to visit car boot sales, which is where I’ve picked up just about all my vintage fabrics. Even though I generally don’t generally have an idea in mind for how to use it, I’ve got some kind of “rescue” mentality going on, where I want to take the beautiful fabric home, where it will be appreciated! Until I got my new (to me) cabinets, I wasn’t really appreciating my stash as it was all hidden away in a crate, but now it’s there on full view for all to enjoy. And who knows, I might even be brave enough to actually use my fabrics to make something!

Thanks for sharing, Heather! Be part of the ongoing Show Us Your Stash series! Drop your pics in the True Up flickr pool and tag them “stash.”


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