Show Us Your Stash: BCharmer


Here’s a selection of fabrics from the “studio hovel” of Colleen MacDonald, sewer, crafter and owner of BCharmer Designs. (If this is a hovel, then my sewing room is … whatever’s messier than a hovel.) How I love that Pacific Northwest light.



She had a few words to share with us on her obsession:

My fabric stash is my treasure! I love to sit and stare at it. My stash is an ever evolving thing: I sew almost every day, so many prints diminish quickly, making it very difficult for me not to exhibit hoarding behaviour. Luckily, there are so many amazing designers that are continually coming out with new fabric lines, so I can replenish my supply with new and exciting prints.

The process of welcoming fabric into my studio is an exercise for my heart; I flutter and flap when I first meet a new piece of wonderful fabric; I can hardly wait to create with it! After I cut into it, I fold it up and put it in the stash on my shelves and admire it until the next piece calls to be made.

Catch up with her handmade life on her blog or through her etsy shop or on Flickr. Thanks, Colleen!

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  1. Becky says:

    What a great stash and awesome workspace!

  2. inaluxe says:

    Colleen is awesome – I love her excitement when it comes to a new fabric: it’s such a great passion to have! :) and my goodness, that studio is sooooooo neat and awesome! wish mine came even close. :)

  3. vadjutka says:

    I love Colleen’s work, and the way she mixes fabrics!