Show Us Your Stash: Stashes on Shelves

Let’s call this … Part One Of What Will Most Likely Be Many, Many Parts.

There are many ways to store fabric (and we’ll get to those another day) but for me, you can’t beat the Nicely Folded, Stacked On A Shelf method. Simple. Beautiful. Easy. Beautiful. Did I mention beautiful.

Let’s nose around, shall we?


Ashley of Film in the Fridge shared these stacks, collected from their wayward landing spots throughout the house. “I loved this stack – lots of dots, checks and stripes… my favorites!” she writes.


These beautiful stacks were the result of Mal helping her mother to sort and purge through a very large collection of sewing supplies and fabric she had amassed over the years. She writes about the emotional endeavor on her blog, Turning, Turning.

sheree studio

Sheree of Sheree’s Alchemy shot this pic of her stash while organizing her studio late last year.


Flickrite Megrje has a tidy collection of prints and solids here — though the linens and Ikea prints aren’t pictured, she says.

Mmm, linen.

What? Sorry.

yay! my fabric shelf is complete! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Lastly we have the studio shelves of Ms (Mrs!) McPorkchop — be sure to check out the annotated Flickr version of this picture for notes! She talks a little more about her stash in a Sew Mama Sew stash interview here on her blog, ModernAcorn.

Sweet! Thanks, everybody!

As always Be part of the ongoing Show Us Your Stash series! Join the True Up flickr pool, add your pics and tag them “stash.”


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  2. ghiland says:

    oooohhh great post. these pics will come in handy when I’m pleading my defense to my husband:)!

  3. ChrisDavis says:

    Thanks for the pics! Like the 2nd poster, I can show them to my hubby and say “See- its not just me! They have way more than I do!” And then sneak off to try to catch up ;-)

  4. vanessa says:

    I love seeing everyone’s stash. Makes me feel a little less guilty!

  5. Courtney says:

    These images are inspiration for the project I am about to tackle: organizing a lifetime collection of inherited fabrics. You may have seen the old Piece Goods Fabric Shop bumper sticker: “The one who dies with the most fabric wins.” Well, I can tell you that my amazing grandmother won, hands down.

  6. Jenn says:

    I am absolutely drooling over these.

  7. Julia Gabriel says:

    OOOh love the stash shots. I am such a fabric junkie and love looking at all the beautiful fabric. NOw if only I could touch it all.

  8. Weeks Ringle says:

    I have to say that my heart sinks every time I see pictures like this. We have lost thousands of dollars of fabric as a result of fading, not from direct sunlight, but from general interior lighting. Quilt shops store their fabric out in the open because their turnover is fast enough that most of the time they can sell the fabric before it fades. We lost so much fabric from fading that we had to get special filters to put over our light bulbs for the fabric that’s out in the open. We keep our stash underneath our work counters and away from the light even though our studio is in a partial basement and has no direct sunlight. I know several well-known quilters who claim that they keep their stash totally out in the open because it “inspires” them. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but just want to make people who store their fabrics this way aware that all of those fabrics may become ruined faster than they realize. The fading we have seen has not been confined to any color or manufacturer but it’s heartbreaking to have to give away bolt after bolt after bolt of fabric that was ruined before we realized that the light fixtures were fading our fabrics.

  9. Sarah says:

    oooo, I’m not alone!
    dang cool.

  10. hey thanks for the mention!!!! I really should change my flickr name, lol :) Is it bad that as much as I love my own stash, I’m drooling over the others in this post fiercely?!

  11. Sheree says:

    It is always fun to have a sneak peek at other people’s stash! Makes me giddy! Thanks for sharing mine as well as the lovely stacks from others!


  12. mjb says:

    Weeks- that’s why my picture (the fourth from the top) has bad lighting. My fabric is folded away in an extra linen closet. Direct sunlight has faded too many cookbooks in my kitchen and tablecloths on the kitchen table for me to leave anything like that out.

  13. Sherril Gerard says:

    I’m collecting comments and plan to do an article on the problems
    of fabric fading when stored on open shelves in daylight/Light Bulbs.
    This will be published in the TAS (The Applique Society) newsletter.
    Please send me all your experiences, problems, and comments.

  14. Probably a better idea would be jarred candle with and just one of individuals candle warmer issues.
    Melt the candle in the jar. Drop the key in.
    Let the candle harden back up and you’re all set for a timely bondage session and a great deal safer than the lumination bulb.
    Will probably make your house smell fine as well.
    Either way I enjoy Tabitha’s ambition.

  15. Sherril Gerard says:

    I can’t believe these dumb broads – all that wonderful fabric open to light fading and the elements, including dust. What a waste. I would re-think their storage facilities.