Whipstitch Flood Sale

Deborah Moebes is the owner of Whipstitch (a longtime True Up sponsor) and the new Whipstitch Lounge, a modern stitch lounge in the heart of Atlanta. Her house, especially her basement studio where she stores Whipstitch’s inventory, was flooded in last week’s torrential rains. Read her harrowing story here.

We’re all grateful that she and her family are OK! Despite major damage to her home and supplies, only some of her bolts got wet (not stained or damaged in any way). She has washed and dried it all and is now looking to clear out a significant amount of inventory so they have room to repair the studio. Joel Dewberry’s Deer Valley, Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks, Tula Pink’s Neptune, Erin Michael’s Goodnight Monkey, and more are on sale for only $6/yard. So help Deborah out and get a bargain in the process. Our warm, dry wishes go out to Deborah, her family, and all of Atlanta.


  1. Deborah says:

    Kim– Thanks so much for your kind words and generous post! We’re really trying to look at the bright side over here, and have been overwhelmed by the thoughfulness and concern we’ve experienced from people all over. I’ll keep you updated as things go along, and feel free to come on by and grab some yardage for yourself!

    Take care,

  2. Becky says:

    Dang! I am so sorry that happened to her and all of the area. Water is so wonderful but can be so very damaging!