Spring Quilt Market 2009: Windham

This is the second in a series of posts reporting from Pittsburgh on the International Quilt Market (omg), by True Up East Coast Stringer Mary Beth of Supafine.

Let’s start this party with the prolific Anna Griffin of Windham Fabrics. I did not get to meet her, nor did I take enough pictures of all 16 of her multi-skewed fabric lines — but I did get the rundown on two of the latest.
Anna Griffin's booth at Windham fabrics

Her brand-new Calisto collection features Jacobean prints, faux bois, medallions and fleurs-de-lis in three colorways, all very muted in blue, a golden yellow, and green.

windham: calisto by anna griffin

See more Calisto here.

Also debuting is Millicent, a remixed historical, romantic, vintage-feeling floral line accented with lace, plaid and stripes, very soft in ivory, yellow, lavender, grey, pink.


See more Millicent here.

I am still flabbergasted, days later, at just how many fabrics there are on Anna Griffin’s page on Windham’s web site. Not all of them are new, but several are at least very recent. And so many individual prints are so detailed, and have so much depth. She must be a bullet train when it comes to design.

Next from Windham is Flower Bucket, by Genevieve Gail, previewed here on True Up.

Flower Bucket, Genevieve Gail's new line for Windham

I nabbed Genevieve on Saturday and mercilessly grilled her about her new line, despite her fatigue. (That’s how we fabric reporters roll: mercilessly.) She graciously complied, explaining her inspiration thus: “I wanted to create something really bright and fun, something that would be easy to mix and match.” The brights combined with brown accents do the job with ease.

windham: flower bucket by genevieve gail

See more here.

Lastly from Windham is Bari J. Ackerman‘s new line, Full Bloom, featuring sweet painted florals (previewed here on True Up).

Full Bloom, Bari J. Ackerman's new line for Windham

windham: full bloom by bari j

See more Full Bloom here.

Bari and I kept passing each other at full speed in the aisles, though we were in the same place for at least 60 seconds during the 10 a.m. Tweetup at the Moda table Saturday. (That’s her below on the right, in the to-die-for yellow coat).

10 am tweetup

I suppose if I were a truly merciless fabric reporter I would have kidnapped her for an interview instead of grilling my Caesar salad re: design influences.


  1. sherri says:

    Thanks so much for the market pics!!!

  2. Yes, mercilessly! Mary Beth don’t play y’all… Totally kidding- it was a pleasure!!!

  3. Mary Beth says:

    You’re welcome, Sherri! Glad you enjoyed.

    It was a pleasure talking with you as well, Genevieve! :)